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#1    Secretly, they know what you know.
That temperature is the same as morning dew.
So they can know that out there somewhere.
A Caramilk Bar will fall in love as much as you.

#2    Lovely sadness becomes I imagine.
Reasoning after "dark".
Remarking-something short and bright.
Friendly-objective: interesting "Art".

#3    Whilst a river on the run.
There's body paint and sea.
No Robot! You be nice.
So also-south. You're me.

#4    I don't "know" if we know enough to know.
More on trees than trees.
The first time you want to do it.
Spider gives to thee "what's" thee.

#5    That's nice he wants to paint an elephant.
Or anything in a storm.
What breaks a guitar, has found him.
Without thinking an atom warned.

#6    Like a shirt in a can.
Or Emily in a fold.
More-comfortable in the wind.
Heavenly New Year's in a toad.

#7    If these are good.
Why are they saddled.
The Arts are an average.
Of a medium's frazzle.

#8    When I'm old, I'll see you with one pixel.
And I'll know you by your, one pixel Fame.
Right about now, I think I have five-pixels.
And way before that, I think no quatrains.

#9    With even some science.
She was made in that sense.
Vapor trails just ninety cents.
Hi yourself. Repair your past-tense.

#10    If ufo's had only one human.
To ask, "what was humanity".
Because electricity never decided.
I would "say" we were justice-tree.

#11    Now imagine Lault is a lucky guy.
That summer agrees and doesn't mess with shy.
You're up. Lots of letters. And cover your toes.
Keep your camera style in the wrong suppose.

#12    I am not pursuing that rubber that hits the road.
But I'm kind of sad, that Umbrella is your name.
And that's the end of that if the Dutch eat breakfast.
If I fall. You'll be the best. And as first as rain.

#13    In the glimmer I behold the truth.
That the shimmer beholds the see.
In the forever in the unsold boat.
That's where your hope holds me.

#14    It's like going to church. It's for peace, he said.
Ok, just put it down, where we keep the silly-floored.
I see your nurse shoes are very fluffy?
I'm healthy too because of what I've stored.

#15    Ok let's see here.
Fly the broom to-morning Reveille.
Through the longest ever "learning" tunnel-"glide".
(to Emily)

#16    There's a sun on television. In that movie, she
wants to make. Code Seven: Worms are
a Dollar per Bate. Do we all have our "means"?
Let's go through him and his dreams of late.

#17    Those moments when clouds look fast to a man.
And stars compute in his head.
And the sum of a man shines each night.
And he doesn't believe what he's said.

#18    Let no writing industries put asunder.
Two words that want to be the same.
By the hour of the state invested in me.
I pronounce my love in twain.

#19    Do you ever feel a breeze at night.
And think you were kissed by plan.
That moment needs magnetic north.
I guess that's where I am.

#20    Five is the "rain" best numbered wrong.
Few-enough to know what's going on.
That-some look up and see every star.
In a world, where soul-cells guess wrong and-charge.

#21    The wind wants to show me.
The answer is to make things a little better.
Knock on snow.
The feeling I get then never.

#22    I know a poem that has just one universe.
It's called eventually you'll stand and go.
When table flowers wilt just as gently.
That's what it is to know.

#23    Realizing moments "stand like sandbox sand".
And no one is immune from having labeled hands.
And then it only takes "the most melting song".
To be slow-enough to mean "all atoms get along".

#24    Yes our father's heart is wealth.
And although we travel slow.
We travel no further than poems can go.
Our Jimmy-the-Face would know.

#25    We are searches. We are movements to a sea.
We are bone carriers inside out for only tea.
We almost hear things in such vivid lives unheard.
Dreaming silently there are helicopters in our words.

#26    This is wonderful. What is his name?
We want to be like that.
There are hotels we've misunderstood.
Own it maturity's hat.

#27    First river boats and heaven moats.
Then escalate "onion pain".
But remember you cannot game "no game".
The "maturity score" can't be gamed.

#28    It's all about reversals.
And practice till the end.
The fires of life and the trapeze pebble.
And the people money spend.

#29    It's a starting point, that is exactly half.
Whatever her lover doesn't whisper. Plus one thing.
People should be fully attractive.
Do you know how to measure one? Times wing.

#30    Sorry if I'm in your way Miss.
Please save me from the Thorned Bouquets of hubris.
I have nothing to say but I see it.
The Convinced Parlours of word convenience.

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