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#1    Lovely sadness becomes I imagine.
Reasoning after "dark".
Remarking-something short and bright.
Friendly-objective: interesting "Art".

#2    Whilst a river on the run.
There's body paint and sea.
No Robot! You be nice.
So also-south. You're me.

#3    I don't "know" if we know enough to know.
More on trees than trees.
The first time you want to do it.
Spider gives to thee "what's" thee.

#4    That's nice he wants to paint an elephant.
Or anything in a storm.
What breaks a guitar, has found him.
Without thinking an atom warned.

#5    Like a shirt in a can.
Or Emily in a fold.
More-comfortable in the wind.
Heavenly New Year's in a toad.

#6    If these are good.
Why are they saddled.
The Arts are an average.
Of a medium's frazzle.

#7    When I'm old, I'll see you with one pixel.
And I'll know you by your, one pixel Fame.
Right about now, I think I have five-pixels.
And way before that, I think no quatrains.

#8    With even some science.
She was made in that sense.
Vapor trails just ninety cents.
Hi yourself. Repair your past-tense.

#9    If ufo's had only one human.
To ask, "what was humanity".
Because electricity never decided.
I would "say" we were justice-tree.

#10    I am not pursuing that rubber that hits the road.
But I'm kind of sad, that Umbrella is your name.
And that's the end of that if the Dutch eat breakfast.
If I fall. You'll be the best. And as first as rain.

#11    In the glimmer I behold the truth.
That the shimmer beholds the see.
In the forever in the unsold boat.
That's where your hope holds me.

#12    It's like going to church. It's for peace, he said.
Ok, just put it down, where we keep the silly-floored.
I see your nurse shoes are very fluffy?
I'm healthy too because of what I've stored.

#13    Ok let's see here.
Fly the broom to-morning Reveille.
Through the longest ever "learning" tunnel-"glide".
(to Emily)

#14    Those moments when clouds look fast to a man.
And stars compute in his head.
And the sum of a man shines each night.
And he doesn't believe what he's said.

#15    Let no writing industries put asunder.
Two words that want to be the same.
By the hour of the state invested in me.
I pronounce my love in twain.

#16    Do you ever feel a breeze at night.
And think you were kissed by plan.
That moment needs magnetic north.
I guess that's where I am.

#17    Five is the "rain" best numbered wrong.
Few-enough to know what's going on.
That-some look up and see every star.
In a world, where soul-cells guess wrong and-charge.

#18    I know a poem that has just one universe.
It's called eventually you'll stand and go.
When table flowers wilt just as gently.
That's what it is to know.

#19    Realizing moments "stand like sandbox sand".
And no one is immune from having labeled hands.
And then it only takes "the most melting song".
To be slow-enough to mean "all atoms get along".

#20    Yes our father's heart is wealth.
And although we travel slow.
We travel no further than poems can go.
Our Jimmy-the-Face would know.

#21    This is wonderful. What is his name?
We want to be like that.
There are hotels we've misunderstood.
Own it maturity's hat.

#22    First river boats and heaven moats.
Then escalate "onion pain".
But remember you cannot game "no game".
The "maturity score" can't be gamed.

#23    It's all about reversals.
And practice till the end.
The fires of life and the trapeze pebble.
And the people money spend.

#24    It's a starting point, that is exactly half.
Whatever her lover doesn't whisper. Plus one thing.
People should be fully attractive.
Do you know how to measure one? Times wing.

#25    Sorry if I'm in your way Miss.
Please save me from the Thorned Bouquets of hubris.
I have nothing to say but I see it.
The Convinced Parlours of word convenience.

#26    This with bravery and secrecy wrote.
And delivered in urgent times.
Dear friend please read then burn this note.
My memory has outlawed rhymes.

#27    Like breaking a twig in four places.
Knowing the current insight time is no crime.
Thinking alone are the five spaces.
Joined by long art titles broken fine.

#28    Hey! Did you last night, mumble that...
For instance... "I think I have mother's coat".
And then... "Everybody I've come home".
And 25 others... like "Sorry Johns don't vote".

#29    The meadow dreams of shadows.
And a young bird dreams of air.
Where I am warmed by dreams of you.
Spring snow holds my stare.

#30    Here with the irony of giving you flowers.
Like the knowing that activists sleep.
Are the results of all the known April showers.
And the please laugh I'm trying to be deep.

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