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#601    There is always new-technology: Can't stop me.
I cried on these-occasions: Please help me.
I threw it only to who-it-concerned: No rocks.
With such a little-juxtaposed: Now water fills with socks.

#602    A new father in the rain.
With his forehead on his hands leaning.
Into open window crying so sadly.
Is this really fair elderly-cair?

#603    It's all about the word impedance.
Do you dream of that.
Like a dance on figure skates.
To stop you they react.

#604    In this area right-here.
I think they use a guidance system from above.
Her coveralls and her yard stick, to the table.
Archangels, that chalk boards love.

#605    That's, what I'm worried, most about.
That waters, are not sure things.
Holding a match up to the problem.
Beholds our rights to wings.

#606    Diamond is not a pretty thought.
That shelter of the saddest king.
Each minute, of an average moment.
Disturbing his inner swing.

#607    And lo however, I ride the bus.
A chapel, as quaint as far.
With war, as ample, as sitting brings.
The knowing what moves a car.

#608    It's, better that way you know!
To get free rights! And a tangled nose.
But wherever exactly roaming went.
I have no ideas, like pros.

#609    Insane beleaguered people scream.
The fanciness we fall.
On running transportation.
Where waterbeds know all.

#610    But now? Would you take it?
Like Christmas again?
That nature of gold?
The standard, often?

#611    One pillow.
You just stood there "thinking" in the start.
I think it's trying to explain our-patience.
The "fundamentals" brooms hide in the dark.

#612    There's a man.
Shaking his fist at sparrows.
How can he take?
Care of planes near errors.

#613    Here's hoping our eyes, receive tainted feedback.
And what we believe, always slightly wrong.
So each and every, thing we touch.
Becomes slightly more like song.

#614    I'm a man, and I have jel-o fingers.
But the whole world needs to know.
If only I could type this out there.
That traffic is made of people's prose.

#615    I know there's alot of atoms.
But one somewhere contains your song.
And when you call yourself bad things.
I go there knowing that you're wrong.

#616    A darkness we won't test by leaving.
A tome where no distance is breached.
We live in a thing called a brain cell.
Knowing there are things to be teached.

#617    Eternity is not so cruel.
When it gives one ounce of time.
And sieves it through a magic rule.
No that's a mean that's kind.

#618    If you see my eyes looking out at you.
From the mask shaped hubcap of a car.
Give them a small amount of attention.
But not enough to scar.

#619    When we're awake we think at our tips.
Where our lightning bolt chooses explore.
But when we're asleep we think at our root.
To direction our lightning bolt's core.

#620    Do not fear the futures lend.
I'm sorry that's a lie.
Moments divide cares promise.
And the unknown fear decides.

#621    The heldest tight of perfect vision.
Is the sight of people shy.
So many words to describe unwisdom.
The often hurt will buy.

#622    The signal to toys ratio.
Is a measure of a website's aim.
A sand where design clients, never.
Suspect that a Tile made fame.

#623    Woman politician moonlighting as kid's party magician.
Changing costumes mid stride with help from her fastest aid.
Whoopi Goldberg wearing marching band uniform shouting wait for me.
After falling on behind, with her laughter of spinning played.

#624    Who puts you somewhere on a ladder.
At your very own attitude and might.
Who leaves the lessons up to you.
Dear Mom it's you with life.

#625    After weeks of going has the egg hatched?
Are you sure that she is now-pretty?
Is the fistful of freebies she-cannot pass up,
now-warm as that clock is silly?

#626    Who, has the prettiest brandy?
And Egypt as the Sun?
Forgive him, for his ear my dear.
But let no dancers run.

#627    Are there any new tricks in the house?
Well there's one man. And wow boy, is he dumb!
Oh listen to you!! I don't want to know!
If three? really-equals forty one.

#628    For the millionth time an obstruction.
A tragedy "kind-less" like a mirth.
Part of the game.
Like a great-great title's worth.

#629    Hey what are you doing to me.
Aren't these a higher mixer.
I can't hear you please spook louder.
Dark Ghost of financial investor.

#630    And for-no hope of transfers.
I heard that-bee has stung.
William is willing, over there.
The other side, of tree unsung.

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