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#1201    Go on. Sit down all around here.
The lady has the hose.
Where it's written, "Tie no knots".
That is my "indispose".

#1202    Lastly, they don't have any children.
And granny has no "heir".
That's the privilege of "I need you back".
You're taller with "team" white hair.

#1203    Would you like to maybe wrestle.
I kept those evening clothes.
Amen to storm she's got a whistle!
Excuse my windowed-toes.

#1204    But I've been handed number eight.
I always knew it-came from bees!
From the land of milk and honey.
Where several Archie's lead.

#1205    Now try to look at your best.
He's been sitting there for days.
I mean-there near all clear water.
Where the ring-song stays.

#1206    You never-taught me anything.
(wagging his thumb so wise).
Administer gum on rivet-seven.
I hear the sky's outside.

#1207    But that's as loud as it gets in here.
(her honey suckle vine).
He did that? The way you wanted?
Surely that was mine.

#1208    Left "mnemonics" being leopard stairs.
I can't because of clock-less rhyme.
I run a perfect engine here.
And brake alone, with double wine.

#1209    Oh I began on nonsense.
(on double overtime).
I stick to fleas but not to laughter.
Nor harbour actual climb.

#1210    Interesting but I'm not going there!
Salmonella! I think I'm late!
Antenna-rehabilitate the air.
Please make the hello-wait.

#1211    Who is the "boot" burner?
Is she really hunting claim?
I've had-not a single drop.
The kind that "bastion" saved.

#1212    To the run-yard and over stamp that card.
It's quite amazing how life is fair.
Just a little off the top.
And down below the chair.

#1213    Every dream in virtual reality.
Does what ever it melts.
Which is "fine" in it's very own way.
Wait a minute. Would that be himself.

#1214    Every dream in virtual reality.
Wonders what insanity is. "Can you cook"?
In its gobbely-suit, the "Yes" offers you vagueness.
Wow! You have a happy look.

#1215    Every dream in virtual reality.
Has perfect slam-disorder as well.
Are you selling any thing hot-stuff.
Greetings Dave. Do you want to be able to tell.

#1216    Every dream in virtual reality.
Lands back on your window-case.
Inventory Honey I have "this".
Re-numbered if you have a kiss.

#1217    Every dream in virtual reality.
Is fighting for their "song's" longevity.
I've seen heroes, build such long ropes.
Joining our hearts to their endless "brevity".

#1218    Every dream in virtual reality.
Is enchanted with clean-shower sing.
You always can leave a poem right there.
Style "nearly". Is everything.

#1219    Every dream in virtual reality.
Are "better ways" you know it.
Train track messages "to the moments".
Suspecting you'll throw "switch-rodents".

#1220    Every dream in virtual reality.
Transcends "Yes" to the tune of beer.
For every three hours in this house.
"Nut Shells" hide three hundred years.

#1221    Every dream in virtual reality.
Has to be really soft.
"It wasn't your fault" sells-out really fast.
Erasing a terrible cost.

#1222    Every dream in virtual reality.
Cups-awake! Too-demanding to share.
I guarantee he'll asked you "where to put things".
His shoulders are almost there.

#1223    Every dream in virtual reality.
Makes Newman "mister-nice" feel rich.
Wearing clothes for the excitement room.
Where "no one" knows money, just-itch.

#1224    It's always dankest before the wrong.
Where haven in the mind repeats.
And hurries shine upon the shone.
Where the worries can grow obliques.

#1225    Warming up a lucky lottery charm.
By dangling it inside a toaster.
I'll never understand a day.
And my cup just hit a coaster.

#1226    A woman in a bed against a barn.
Being photographed if that's called bliss.
Domestic living at its finest.
But only if she exists.

#1227    Two milks in "it" at once?
I'm here! I'm over here!
Please put down your phaser.
Hur-raw, diamonds are the pair!

#1228    Department store saleswoman seeing man.
Crossing a rope bridge from her vast tv's.
Of all the ways to impress your heavens.
Have you seen where I lost my trees.

#1229    End of boat dock protrusion with fixed bear.
Over protrusion with fixed fish.
And I shall make a living there.
Where the rule is not to wish.

#1230    I see women two floors down.
And stairs are scary things.
To rise so high no insect flies.
But oh how memory stings.

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