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#61    I'm not telling you my dreams.
Wait a minute they're full of junk.
Cookies and coffee houses every moment.
How does she stand up.

#62    Running is time. And the song has been listening.
Look away, and it'll show you a house.
I can only see-time-best when I only-see-yes.
Window air. Please draft me into a best man's health.

#63    Life and the world is powered by rhyme.
In free other words, powered by copy-will.
Even non-poets being ninety percent original.
Will close with the world's best reciprocal.

#64    Abandoned derelict boats.
Such a certified goodbye.
As she walks she walks.
All yes-alone's we buy.

#65    Of ambrosia what a storm has shroud.
Lifting and lowering a thought filled cloud.
As were water made of only stories.
Would you mind if my mind flurries.

#66    Like a man with no arms stretching back.
Well seated at his station.
With five displays and two computers.
And creations.

#67    Direct deposit. See what the moon is teaching.
Then "see-here" is my hook.
He wishes to know in seconds bestow.
Is it a gold-thing to establish "is this a woman or brook"?

#68    I would break the strongest ropes.
That could hold where never clings.
But I have the weakest of all hopes.
And my curtains have two strings.

#69    You have to spell her name with an "x".
She'll soon be speaking with that company's bear.
Pay no attention to the sound of that contractor.
You'll hear no currencies there.

#70    People are best described by the invisible alphabet.
And complete thoughts are a nuance shamed.
You see that distance over there for instance.
That's the prettiest glance you've named.

#71    Under a brighter towel under better-places I've
seen. What if suddenly afraid of their bootstraps,
were words you-helped set free? And If they
live through winter-well. Could they also live for me?

#72    Jump on your socks and touch me opposite.
Be scientist-minded. And you'll need two trucks.
Two trucks! I have had it. Then no Sundaes for you.
No no! Ok, whatever it takes to enjoy your tea-for two.

#73    I'm going for a swim.
That is not protected from us anymore.
Is that it's lighthouse? i like that.
Times per day times four.

#74    I'm going to ask you a few questions. You had a basket
when you came? I bet with what-ever it is you were doing?
Where-ever it is you're from. Name-science and
code-Weavers correct? Umbrage and your name son.

#75    Gravitational forces do not leave my garden.
A carpet over here does-not say.
Yes upside-down barrels upon white sticks.
Dad warns me by listening that way.

#76    As only as that spot of floor.
You see after remembering yourself.
After they've gone to bed for sure.
And the world once again hoards wealth.

#77    Softer raisins? Oh, you mean safer. Well,
as a military writer, I can hear their seashells
marching thin. Sadly I'm not qualified to
help them. I have no permanent pen.

#78    Old man with walker seated in street.
Talking to woman as children play.
I want to drag race with those elite.
The most unfast someday.

#79    That's not the chair, but he "was" working.
The real "proudest" event.
I don't know if I can track that line. Just go.
Someone is here with the auto-correct's intent.

#80    The greatest team in the world, nobody
ever chooses. Ok, we will send it back for training.
Is that a wrench it's using? We will need its help.
Again and again. Hooray-Tuesdays!

#81    Would you like a cup of coffee.
I know this place that's on no maps.
Where the rivers are so lonely.
They hide in the water taps.

#82    It's a process called.
Sunglasses get-to the closer spots.
That's good enough for me. Are you ready.
Adjust the "dream smarter clocks".

#83    It makes a bridge feel down. And in other
ways full of currency. I'm tired of people
showing their powers. But staying idle; now that's
music. Like ears trusting subtle cue tips.

#84    And all the caves made tonight.
Have deployed their mounds.
By ufo with three levels.
Lowering itself into ground.

#85    Weigh the heavens more than thrice.
And define your world by errors.
But bend the wisdom only twice.
Then comfort pain by layers.

#86    Now adjust the focus then measure the light.
You'll see how the shadow contagions might.
Zoom out and you'll see too much illusion of edge.
Zoom in and you'll see too much blurry pledge.

#87    They took out their phone "devices".
And flew "all" answers towards "decide".
If traffic is traffic is traffic, why wish?
I watched "Indiana Jones" and cried.

#88    The Ice Cream Disaster Mayor.
Connecting an old radio to plug.
You Can Always Try And Be Taxi With Me.
By Arting' the Bug.

#89    I would want a friend. Or an entire nation. Joyful
four hundred and nineteen. Wow, I would enjoy
one for an hour. Are we shopping because so very
few might have one? A clear-idioms sanity shower.

#90    I wish you hadn't asked me that.
The older I get, the more I will not race you, Dude!
I respond I'm thirty. Then aces up Nun! But first I'll be
back in thirty minutes. Forget it then I'm done!

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