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#91    Could a ring put a house in your house.
I know. I'm sorry. I'm a silly nut.
It depends on what traffic your Tesla is on.
I go swimming to "Tic" brain-health up.

#92    She mossed it. Like hearts in the snow.
Not upset, or calm thrown. That's me in her turpentine.
To therein her rain. You can see in her paintings.
My wallet is gone. Twenty-five petals for the bus, pawned.

#93    Why is it that, the brain knows right away?
A normal-flag says everyone dates you.
You're lying. Just not Winnie the Pooh. His mouse is
his surgeon. Turn up the lights at table two.

#94    I want to be Here.
Oh my god it's "Roadside Research".
So what does that mean? "They're asking stuff".
Am I going home with "No-Tree-Fell" tee shirts?

#95    Tell me in rhyme so I know it is truth.
Which unstoppable force can move hell.
If it shines in your eye or causes first cry.
Heed way it's the need for approval.

#96    The things we do in time's climb.
They are the crystals we form.
So yes I'll have a coffee please.
With just enough heaven's warm.

#97    Does it-seem like a show Ma'am?
Maybe we're over here asleep.
Unlike the pudding in the camera.
Just how should-the numbers leak?

#98    Okay first we have to take it apart, (and change).
Never would I "live" in-a house with one.
The horizon is-not too far for Me.
I can do-it if I run.

#99    Wow! We've got quite a complicated layout
here. In the tough spots, every life wears a
spacesuit. But I think we're going to be ok. Can
you see the alphabet rhyme in the waste soup?

#100    He wants to do something. That doesn't make
people mad. Wherever their angry angles fad.
People know enough to be almost about.
The so much heaven where their arms are without.

#101    Ever since there's been A or B.
Feral actors have, tried to be too hat.
Wearing the insane, parts of a drain.
Why do we hear clangs like that?

#102    A grown man running away.
From the safety of his prefabulous.
At night wearing a glowing white suit.
Making him feel obvious.

#103    Bile problems, we don't know how to say.
Tricky style. Can Paula come out and play?
All right, Jessie girl.
Since gangsters have no say.

#104    Without a star, I feel stronger. Putting
stucco ceilings to the test. Who's heart
is rearranging the deadpan paintings.
Thought constellations so far from Best.

#105    They are in danger, like a carton of Honeyrose.
With excuses, excuses. In every hose.
While I live life, at the speed of sewer.
Never late Sloth. I believe your heart was truer.

#106    It was unbelievable. Did you to see it?
Avalanches were just as-slow.
Ah! Taking the end slice of breads.
Only gentle enough wakings-snow.

#107    To dislike all animation.
To stare at a logic prize.
To wonder with eyes so stationed.
What makes a vase advise.

#108    Pen your wine markers everyone. Someone had
a stroke. Possibly attracted to someone beautiful.
Let's liver a toast toward that affliction.
But please Not Now! Don't Joke!

#109    A toast to the dance of garbage.
Reaching high to the sun serving tea.
Here's what the sun heard sounding.
"I'll share it with anybody else but me".

#110    Poetry loves what it means.
And what it means' loves keys instead.
Have you ever turned a viewpoint sideways.
And knew it pulled all said.

#111    Five questions. What makes a
bee a bee? Why Interrupt? Am I a
person? And may I sit-here please?
I brought my "own" jet ski.

#112    It fills like living every place you know.
That place so tall it hides.
Where chance can't move the things of mission.
Yet everything motionless tries.

#113    The explanation that dies by words.
Like the shimmer that dies by sun.
As gentle as the river tells you.
Please forgive my words of none.

#114    Teach someone a lesson disease.
Has a privacy at it's center called loved.
Right where teach someone a lesson breeze.
Keeps a privacy at it's center called doves.

#115    A flower to lift your spirits up.
As bliss orbits the woes.
And in a universe all that stops.
Pushes all that knows.

#116    Coffee makes people talk to each other.
Where un-excitements never share.
And bland woman how, goes our morning?
Let us burst-compare.

#117    Which is very important?
What's underneath the breath?
Or how can I make you stay?
With or without a kind of Broken say.

#118    In my second life I can pace for hours.
On no hillside called lichen's rift.
Where men who like her can think for powers.
And improve the song of if.

#119    Long time no see. We're not "you" in heaven.
Hey! Sounds work just as good! Oh my god "You-are ears".
You're not putting "that" on, are you?
Forget-your upbringing. Time to sit on "chairs of chairs".

#120    When you walk near a puddle at night.
And you see it contains the stars.
Then you pretend you comprehend.
That is what atoms are.

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