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#1531    Oh I'm sorry!
I gave you a mustache didn't I?
Mere witches, we've called tragic.
And yes I listen, for their magic.

#1532    It's amazing! -How Grin finds dates.
Everywhere he goes'es.
So in a way he's found a home.
And I'll never, know such proses.

#1533    It's not that funny, that he's trying to get out.
So they're sending their youth gangs too.
Games aren't fun, without device.
For all the good they'll do.

#1534    That looks important to you.
So honey dew.
I dream of you.
The whole night through.

#1535    A window is the prettiest picture.
Of winter that I know.
There I'll hear the inner lecture.
Where all good snowflakes go.

#1536    I've been gone from this terrible octet.
With eight sides and it's own hearse.
It smells like fries and sells like fries.
And to purchase, costs one first.

#1537    I watch eye runs, in order to try.
But what does hope, near thirst?
To open cans, or go to battle.
It's called the home rock. But never worst.

#1538    Let's look. We know there's something there.
I'm scathing with Phoenix on it.
Open the bay doors easily.
I don't care. With no sea to sonnet.

#1539    The ones that are out there.
Are pretty empty! Already dressed like priests.
And yes they walk very gently!
So I'm avoiding, becoming least.

#1540    But then as if they could not tea.
I see them trying tangently.
And as they walk down thumbtack road.
I see the day they never hold.

#1541    You have to pay to open it.
It's called the My Arms Snooker You.
But the real problem you see is this.
They cost one arm, for two.

#1542    I have paintings within my life.
And quatrains within my mind.
And within the hope of knowing you.
I give posters of my time.

#1543    Every day is a marid of thoughts.
And thoughts like a pyramid stay.
Two steps down from their tops.
And that's enough words to say.

#1544    A fork in the road.
Or a fork in the river.
There is no escape.
From the results giver.

#1545    I'm at war with nature's hour.
Perfecting my one two punch.
Explaining to rhyme but never touching.
Then winning by right hand lunch.

#1546    Twenty attractive young people dancing.
Their party inside a cellophane bubble.
Empty cellophane street cube at night.
My inbox of zero trouble.

#1547    So they have my best art.
At the end of me.
So they have our best art.
At the end of tree.

#1548    When you get home please phone me.
So I know you made it safe.
And remember to the lonely.
The whole world looks like haste.

#1549    A male picking up dog droppings.
Before the poetry-readings ran.
Always dreaming towards beverly-hills.
Feeling it's-good to be a man.

#1550    As near as I can tell.
There are no focal points like mind.
For whenever I look upon a city.
My nice receives a fine.

#1551    Somehow I'm quite optimistic.
And I go on patronizing inner say.
Oh, no, He serve pages.
I'll have the "not-around-here" tray.

#1552    Chapter nine everybody!
Cue the policemen's watch at noon.
I'm "reading" a lunch that happens tenderly.
What the heck did I assume.

#1553    I'll try some of that "liken" up-a-bit.
With some "barricade adore".
What's that like? Your program.
What's happening Mac you board.

#1554    Traps. Traps. Kind of cross?
In your place, sir take a bath.
In the medium. Seeds I mean.
It's the "sounds" that Siberia-wraths.

#1555    Are you drunk? Hey you!
Are you "sleepy" from Canada Eh?
I don't know what it means?
But It's what it is "ok".

#1556    Are you sick? You've got yourself some wine?
You can do it! You can do it!
With hero-hero hero "factor".
And not a single dime.

#1557    Make a choice. It's in the book right at ya.
Now that is class. Oh right. Good call.
For every wind storm in all the world.
Her makeup covers all.

#1558    It priceless! And you left it "there"!
Now I'm ashamed of heart.
In your face twinkle toes.
Now it's everywhere nothing-smart.

#1559    She isn't climbing over that alcove.
And she can't be that insecure.
As I was saying at Howard's Inn.
It's the drinks-that happy cures.

#1560    But that's just heroics at any time.
If you rise to scratch the moon.
"I love avatars sir" she wrote.
They are spinach for the whom.

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