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#2011    There's no ocean creepier than a theory.
Or no lake as unnamed as whine.
So wherever you hear a better eery.
Please forgive the storming mind.

#2012    Sleeping homeless on abandoned bus and hearing.
Homeless woman sing about seeing you today.
Stowaway male kissing stowaway female.
And a universe pushing dust away.

#2013    Four half walls and fog.
That's the trouble with true.
It's a two inch sticky ball of tape.
Troublesomely attached to a shoe.

#2014    Who applies the brakes.
Who keeps warm the keys.
Heroism, chivalry.
Wands that water weeds.

#2015    The roots that find directions.
That youth the tips have said.
As fleeting as a first bicycle.
The root forever bends.

#2016    A woman's strong mean boyfriend.
Blowing bubble gum against your face.
New men with ten foot shoes.
Pointing fingers at dawn one pace.

#2017    Do not make me happy please.
Nor sadness I'll become.
On a tinny mood swing so small.
A flower weighs a tun.

#2018    Who holds who among enemies.
In sharing eyes not far.
To this I toast you dully.
May we all be what we are.

#2019    A sheep straddling fence.
Running along near wall.
I'm sorry city I cannot dance.
I only go far as mall.

#2020    Dare to teach the sun a lesson, and hide
in the freezing cold. Let the be world
teach you gently, or by its sting be told.
To whet oh pliable soul.

#2021    A will that would of touch a said.
If wish its only need.
To be at odds with shadow's light.
Old struggles inside of me.

#2022    Of all the ways to record a football game.
Or keep a diary to stitch what seems.
I present to you in these walls.
Art from lucid dreams.

#2023    I would give a kiss to know.
Why our centers turns so slow.
I would live a wish to throw.
Why the gentler am we stow.

#2024    Since truth is darkness and love is bright.
And revision is a weight not fight.
Like our judicial choices are made up from grabs.
And details are made up from spite.

#2025    In love of life no splinter grows.
And quatrains are the pain for those.
Where within the smart of my never art.
True enjoyment flows in droves.

#2026    Man seated on large front steps thinking.
With pope in rocking chair behind hymn.
There are two worlds that sing a man.
Where he's going and where he's been.

#2027    By tangles and knots.
How my universe strings.
Could your universe love me.
Oh know knot again.

#2028    Like when you're on a desert.
And someone's on a dune.
Chance is good they are nice.
But what's their chance of youn.

#2029    Please break up with me on a rainy day.
And meet me under a tree.
So when it hurts and I can not breath.
You'll hear the rain not me.

#2030    I'm sorry I forgot to phone you.
I painted myself into a corner.
I call it lower half of woman crouching.
Holding photo of tiger before her.

#2031    Gray silhouettes of man and woman free falling.
In fetal positions seven feet apart.
Excuse me miss are you falling alone.
May I please share this art.

#2032    I own a single bed.
And you own a double.
I see the hardest part of this.
Is going to be the cuddle.

#2033    I stared at the phone for fifteen hours.
It's been fifteen years since that day.
Now I know the tearful truth.
You can't dial a phone that way.

#2034    Please don't speak to me in words.
Please point at the average with wrong.
And there among so many rights.
Only the reason might song.

#2035    When I close my eyes I can see anything.
My soul starves not during that while.
But I opened my mind to travel like flowers.
And I stopped here to drink from your smile.

#2036    Have you ever looked at a dreary day.
And suddenly it stayed that way.
So I'm taking a survey can you answer please.
Which is better a or d's?

#2037    A snail appears so slow.
But oh how fast it is.
To take from life at such a rate.
And just as fast it gives.

#2038    Potatoes on that arm.
Riddled with puppet.
And fashioned to the linen door.
Oh please oh thorn not yet.

#2039    Of raven and of albatross.
Height becomes a man of soup.
Beleaguered to ingest the prose.
Of a library's truth.

#2040    As I can be an actor.
A stage can be my wet.
As normalized as distant cloves.
Oh how-thus gleams this set.

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