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#1891    What is a poem without a wake.
Or a toilet without a dime?
The fires of life must vent or break.
So I hope you'll look at mine.

#1892    The job was open.
So the young man applied.
And the old man waved.
You're a poet now hide.

#1893    To see a strife from orbit.
That's what dreams are for.
Let no moment hide it's beauty.
So minds shall always soar.

#1894    68.2 soldiers good.
31.8 soldiers bad.
Beauty is but 1 soldier.
Such divisions make him sad.

#1895    Show me an ant or ten forest streams.
And I'll show you a mountain or a single seed.
Details and distance are forever entwined.
One needs the other for understanding of mind.

#1896    Here's to the mountains who subtlety grow.
From all stimulations craved and known.
A toast to just need a painting.
And a toast to just need a poem.

#1897    That most silent target.
In the noise with no end.
Oh curse the search.
For the quiet friend.

#1898    Two women large and small.
Staring at a man's new scanner.
If only eyes could see through walls.
And woman could see through manners.

#1899    The battle fields behold.
And kingdoms tear their reigns.
While all the while the pebble streams.
Hold the fiercest fights for names.

#1900    I love you more than flowers.
Your softness oh so lean.
When I compare you to a heaven.
Oh thought you are so clean.

#1901    Famous man dropping famous woman.
On a beach by accident.
I'm sorry if I let you down.
The world is such an adamant.

#1902    Someone who dislikes you waking up.
From a sofa as you enter room.
Abrupt shall like no gentle song.
Discomfort has no tune.

#1903    Could I behold such tragic triumph.
All dewdrops fill such seas.
And I went home and honored thus.
The wisdom of all fees.

#1904    She left a note on her kitchen counter.
Saying put dishes away are in morning.
So I left a note on her tv set.
Saying I have gone to your shore for warming.

#1905    When playing poker against a display rack.
Of information pamphlets lose.
Five pixels beats a thousand tacks.
And appropriate response beats news.

#1906    It takes fifteen years to make a moment.
Because giving has no past.
And fifteen moments to make one near.
At fifteen cares per crass.

#1907    Battleship and Checkers.
And Snakes and Ladders tried.
But Cooperation beat them all.
And soon out sold the sky.

#1908    May I please keep this memory.
The one where trees never joke.
When I slept outside your one foot cabin.
And the chances of tea were remote.

#1909    There's no ocean creepier than a theory.
Or no lake as unnamed as whine.
So wherever you hear a better eery.
Please forgive the storming mind.

#1910    Sleeping homeless on abandoned bus and hearing.
Homeless woman sing about seeing you today.
Stowaway male kissing stowaway female.
And a universe pushing dust away.

#1911    Four half walls and fog.
That's the trouble with true.
It's a two inch sticky ball of tape.
Troublesomely attached to a shoe.

#1912    Who applies the brakes.
Who keeps warm the keys.
Heroism, chivalry.
Wands that water weeds.

#1913    The roots that find directions.
That youth the tips have said.
As fleeting as a first bicycle.
The root forever bends.

#1914    A woman's strong mean boyfriend.
Blowing bubble gum against your face.
New men with ten foot shoes.
Pointing fingers at dawn one pace.

#1915    Do not make me happy please.
Nor sadness I'll become.
On a tinny mood swing so small.
A flower weighs a tun.

#1916    Who holds who among enemies.
In sharing eyes not far.
To this I toast you dully.
May we all be what we are.

#1917    A sheep straddling fence.
Running along near wall.
I'm sorry city I cannot dance.
I only go far as mall.

#1918    A will that would of touch a said.
If wish its only need.
To be at odds with shadow's light.
Old struggles inside of me.

#1919    Dare to teach the sun a lesson, and hide
in the freezing cold. Let the be world
teach you gently, or by its sting be told.
To whet oh pliable soul.

#1920    Of all the ways to record a football game.
Or keep a diary to stitch what seems.
I present to you in these walls.
Art from lucid dreams.

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