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#1111    How about, a frost-chilled garden.
Where massive pumpkins grew.
Sirens loud at let the dogs out.
Small bridge over maybe two.

#1112    Perhaps something like a doll.
Shouting, go-go, go-go, go-go!
The inner "inside" misalignment.
Shouting not for me no ho-ho.

#1113    Yay! It's a poem!
It just had-to feel like napping.
It knocked down all the music clefs.
So this floor might need some waxing.

#1114    I can shoulder no crueller fate.
Than the depths you see in me.
Of no matter laud I wake.
I'm your dark alley.

#1115    Have you ever had a cake Reggie.
They put sugar on your side.
Is that the basis for being one.
News film to Vulcan pride.

#1116    And he'll have a seventh.
I guess there's no science-fiction hot.
Did you ask for the hero's dear.
No I just thanked "the you know what".

#1117    I'm just stirring in some bills to pay.
And auditions, "for You'll get Apple-Scoop".
You have chosen wisely dear.
Casting Call Distance "To the Caribbean-Soup".

#1118    That they have to "sleep with cars".
And ride tracks down to their ends.
Lindsay "I saw your vision".
Sleep holds your yada friends.

#1119    But I see no "bounds in a car".
Mac? Mr. Mackie. "number Ten".
Your prince in a bottle sir.
Try not to "dent her" again.

#1120    In "Holly-Brook" did I mention.
Soap tends to leave oil soft.
We should probably collect the keys or something.
Both lights and darks will wash.

#1121    There's an argument.
We must be pretty close to Tear.
In order to tease them with one season.
Let's throw "the art in gear".

#1122    Magnetic earth.
Be kind to me.
Magnetic heavens.
Leave time to be.

#1123    Schweitzer.
Would if she were sand.
Lightning in her man.

#1124    Ballerina.
Would you take his hand.
Can I have "you understand".

#1125    Yes I have a moat "others call a ditch".
Drainage some would call a brook.
On a quiet night "I named upheaval".
Others would name it look.

#1126    Only one face "please this time".
Stop "that" is not your safe.
Your's is the wind "that the window screens".
Horizons can never take.

#1127    Answer anyway.
Miss Best is barefoot in your cloves.
Needless to say "needless wins".
Rhymes!!! "hide yourselves from prose".

#1128    Age twenty bought eyes.
Enough to "asterisk name".
Age fifty bought shy's.
Enough to rust "window panes".

#1129    Please tell me "what's in your head?"
Marching towards the falls.
I only know there's a "billion bright".
Unchosen "poetic halls".

#1130    I made fifteen bucks this month.
Last week for you and-me "both".
Like an ear, the drums were wet.
What ever happened to "antidotes".

#1131    Remember to "dive" in with your head.
I'm just-staying five minutes for breakfast.
Enjoying it as if cereal gains knew all.
Small origins have ears noteworthy tall.

#1132    Unfortunately it's a "guessing" game.
We have no choice but to go back there.
I heard if we "pretend" we were two maniacs.
People would sell our fear.

#1133    Yes that is me. He hears you too.
He just wants coffee with "no" get out.
It's just ilke "magic".
If we turn "old radios" on. We melt.

#1134    You-are a saint arin't you.
Only Onassified you're broke.
While neighbours hold their sentient hearings.
Let breeze-announce your vote.

#1135    Right now we must go this way.
Yes, yes, yes you're right.
Tongue ,tongue, a young "man connects".
He'll be harmed if this isn't french-mission-night.

#1136    Hey Gonzo, can you hear me.
Stay here and trench these out.
The rocks here are pretty-below your boots.
And not fit to throw-away until "the all" is mot.

#1137    Let's grab a cup of tea then.
Let's listen "to those" soulful dries.
Let's listen "to notes" that never should shout.
They're playing our signatures. Pease "don't rub one out".

#1138    I saw you were very talented.
But I didn't teach you anything meek.
And then I "threw" out my only phone.
Called and raised. "seven thousand to your speak".

#1139    But first I have to say my son is wasted.
He's saying "four six - four six" half conscious.
He must have some payments he forgot to tension.
Take all that down and those gas-mask mentions.

#1140    What-bought a new house? With shutup's wavering.
Come on in. It has rooms for all of us wow.
I don't really have to believe in it though.
My desk is still my wife for now.

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