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#1051    Unfortunately it's a "guessing" game.
We have no choice but to go back there.
I heard if we "pretend" we were two maniacs.
People would sell our fear.

#1052    Yes that is me. He hears you too.
He just wants coffee with "no" get out.
It's just ilke "magic".
If we turn "old radios" on. We melt.

#1053    You-are a saint arin't you.
Only Onassified you're broke.
While neighbours hold their sentient hearings.
Let breeze-announce your vote.

#1054    Right now we must go this way.
Yes, yes, yes you're right.
Tongue ,tongue, a young "man connects".
He'll be harmed if this isn't french-mission-night.

#1055    Hey Gonzo, can you hear me.
Stay here and trench these out.
The rocks here are pretty-below your boots.
And not fit to throw-away until "the all" is mot.

#1056    Let's grab a cup of tea then.
Let's listen "to those" soulful dries.
Let's listen "to notes" that never should shout.
They're playing our signatures. Pease "don't rub one out".

#1057    I saw you were very talented.
But I didn't teach you anything meek.
And then I "threw" out my only phone.
Called and raised. "seven thousand to your speak".

#1058    But first I have to say my son is wasted.
He's saying "four six - four six" half conscious.
He must have some payments he forgot to tension.
Take all that down and those gas-mask mentions.

#1059    What-bought a new house? With shutup's wavering.
Come on in. It has rooms for all of us wow.
I don't really have to believe in it though.
My desk is still my wife for now.

#1060    Listing recently, I'm sad he owns the boundaries.
Draw up his plans for my tea.
Frozen pure exits now on screen.
What could I "wear" still design free.

#1061    Have you got a second. I'm nervous.
Should I live under a shed or under a tree.
Should I stay-away from all friends.
Or paint the oceans in them I see.

#1062    In the "gallery" with the cold counter.
Beijing "makes fun of me".
As "evening" I guess "that" dust must mumble.
So glad their "brakes"can still reprieve.

#1063    They sing of death, all helicopters.
For man has touched his knows.
Before such love like Grand-Parents.
To play with "untill he mows".

#1064    I'm casting again.
For "lines" my heart bestows.
The same way fashion baits exception.
At "teardrop button" throws.

#1065    Cleaning up after ourselves.
Just wait I have to mop the "scores".
Well yes I do have a puppet ear.
Which reminds me to lock the doors.

#1066    Are you "seeing" a hundred dollars.
Breaker Breaker where are you at.
I'm suing all the happiness.
I didn't do it "and I think" that's that.

#1067    One Karen and lots of bumble bees.
And the knowing you're there for me.
Do you see how I'm "being a minute".
Hands in my pockets "facing trees".

#1068    Chemtrails in a handful.
No-way there's highways in an eye.
Where in the world is that giant airport.
Where I'm allowed to shy.

#1069    Robbers "are the internet".
X-rays "are just their gum".
Sharing micro-berries by the soulful.
Where seven seconds has become just one.

#1070    Capable of smiling with stubble gone.
Touched all stars but was it worth it.
Arm strong but nothing to say.
Come see for yourself the storms fit.

#1071    It wasn't quite so hard as shut-up.
But the grass was ridden-hay.
Today I got a sweet proposal:
Sternum buried man's expressions yay!

#1072    I'll sit right here and watch!
Prim and, proper as cloned feet can be.
Selling them as mere-action.
Fifty words as were-from me.

#1073    My name is desperation.
Come and visit us if you fall.
Where you can visit Doctor Tea.
Pure Coventry on his wall.

#1074    They had a real chance of sitting here.
Who had no stupid brains.
I certainly, wouldn't want one.
They immediately number rains.

#1075    That little structure, (my ordered mind).
That way to heaven's gold.
Where lady Chance! Mops Allot.
And her river looks so hold.

#1076    Winds dangerously forecast as high.
Cold makes true-night-schools end.
Here I would trade my coffee for.
A map to here home-stems.

#1077    There's an empty theatre in my Dreamscape.
Where Ottawa wins all my rhymes.
Where to this way we sat alone.
And her British accent shines.

#1078    I pronounce us Popeye punching bags.
While the world lets us pause and eat.
To buoyancy let's toast then touch shoes.
Because we keep our hearts in our feet.

#1079    All knowing brains cannot unexist.
They just want to teach someone a lesson.
Every blame helps hoard no zeros.
And wisdom is a lean in session.

#1080    A thinker's thoughts made of smallest thoughts.
Made of land made of land where the angle shops.
There among memories made of memories lots.
I make favorite longings made of hiding spots.

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