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#1651    As near as I can tell.
There are no focal points like mind.
For whenever I look upon a city.
My nice receives a fine.

#1652    Somehow I'm quite optimistic.
And I go on patronizing inner say.
Oh, no, He serve pages.
I'll have the "not-around-here" tray.

#1653    Chapter nine everybody!
Cue the policemen's watch at noon.
I'm "reading" a lunch that happens tenderly.
What the heck did I assume.

#1654    I'll try some of that "liken" up-a-bit.
With some "barricade adore".
What's that like? Your program.
What's happening Mac you board.

#1655    Traps. Traps. Kind of cross?
In your place, sir take a bath.
In the medium. Seeds I mean.
It's the "sounds" that Siberia-wraths.

#1656    Are you drunk? Hey you!
Are you "sleepy" from Canada Eh?
I don't know what it means?
But It's what it is "ok".

#1657    Are you sick? You've got yourself some wine?
You can do it! You can do it!
With hero-hero hero "factor".
And not a single dime.

#1658    Make a choice. It's in the book right at ya.
Now that is class. Oh right. Good call.
For every wind storm in all the world.
Her makeup covers all.

#1659    It priceless! And you left it "there"!
Now I'm ashamed of heart.
In your face twinkle toes.
Now it's everywhere nothing-smart.

#1660    She isn't climbing over that alcove.
And she can't be that insecure.
As I was saying at Howard's Inn.
It's the drinks-that happy cures.

#1661    But that's just heroics at any time.
If you rise to scratch the moon.
"I love avatars sir" she wrote.
They are spinach for the whom.

#1662    New-secretary with-many tooth-picks.
In her hair by the end of day.
From other secretaries, blowing them at her.
Through straws to make her stay.

#1663    Woman-opening woman's bedroom door.
So her friend can evaluate the nervous.
Prospects of a lonely man.
Ascending the attic-stairs so-cursive.

#1664    Post-apocalyptic food-delivery response.
Requesting your order be re-sent.
With more adherence to perfect protocol.
Please always name your vent.

#1665    Watching a motorcycle speed away.
From this view, its-finest minutes.
On a kind-of-highway it will barely know.
Because it sadly has no limits.

#1666    Large breasted woman joking about her size.
Lifting and dropping them like in Movies.
Towards her professional-duties.
She walks-onward in secret-disguise.

#1667    Point of view only, racing in circles.
Inside large-vacant shopping-mall.
Making plans to enjoy refreshments.
Horse designing it's own fast stall.

#1668    Teenage psychic.
Looking at teacher's sea.
To teasers behind him.
Softly answering "three".

#1669    Futuristic person's head.
DNA modified into being a goat.
The same way people once-tattooed.
How many houses are on the back of their-boat.

#1670    Spock cutting an apple computer logo.
Onto-the back of a jungle villain.
With the tip of his favorite writing spear.
Zombies have trouble chill'n.

#1671    Breakfast hash-brown stuck to shoulder.
Kitchen-timer stuck to nose.
Dropped from a bridge into a river.
A genie lamp and-one red rose.

#1672    A gentleman seeing no point to warming.
His toes in the fountain of human-taint.
Like retired ballet shoes cost-suspended.
Over a can of royal-blue paint.

#1673    Sturdy strands the monument.
Within trust like abandoned glee.
Forged by anger while their irony's not.
Damming how they all should be.

#1674    I want to live the slowest song.
The one where notes last years.
And when the harshness too is gone.
Oh how soft are nears.

#1675    With fine dragons for dragon storms.
I can't journey enough words to slew.
I think I can sell you the final moments.
Each quatrain lands home safe on dew.

#1676    Thinking at ten thoughts per minute.
Is the only race track I play.
Counter clockwise is the surest bet.
But clockwise wins by days.

#1677    And a very bright flashlight with four legs.
Shining at the moon at night.
Answer is less than a midnight glimmer.
But nothing can beam that slight.

#1678    A typical y shaped decision.
Has a magnifying glass side that sees.
And an atrophied skill long since unneeded.
On the side where the past grew please.

#1679    I steer a pride its width unknown.
I hope you can see around me.
Oh please get caught inside its spin.
And then I won't be lonely.

#1680    Does the mind know better.
The clearest water it taints.
Fill a mind with friends forever.
There is no shortage of saints.

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