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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2022
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 143

A Thinking Man Holding the Charred Remains of a hand up to his Cheek
Man Lost in Cave coming back around to Same Smouldering Campfire he Put out Three hours Ago
Celebrity hosting his own Birthday bash Sitting alone at its Tiki bar avoiding Confusion
My brother Entering our House to visit Looking Thick skinned like his heavy Parka
Three Women Catching up while Cooking saying Before we do that you have to tell us will Doc be There
A Nudity Tree Being Picked out of a Lineup

View Pastel Set 142

Two old Men on Hockey Rink Whispering Strategy Wearing Extra Large Glasses but no Helmets
Watching Smoke emit from a Stove where I've turned on a Wrong Element
Deciding my Hand would stay Together Better if I would just Stop pulling out its Loose Threads
Refusing to Eat an Offer of the Spoiled Jam
Applying some Medication just below my Cat's Right Eye and then Realizing I have no Memory of its Purpose
An Improvised Worshipping Idol left by Someone Lost in this Complex and Fast Public Transit System Like Me

View Pastel Set 141

Woman Looking through Bedroom Full Length Mirror with no Glass instead Showing that Mirror for the World Beyond It
A Valuable Antique Document Explaining how to Fire someone for being a Hard Worker
Naively Discovering some of my Small White Pills on one of the access Floors of a Deserted Huge Stadium
Catching myself about to put Spaghetti noodles into a Toilet tank and Realizing it's not a Pot
Entering an Art Gallery near Male and Female Browsing and Shielding my Eyes until I know what to Do
A Fifty Foot High Poster of Some of my Paintings Partly Visible to me Between Distant Trees and Buildings

View Pastel Set 140

A Bus making a Difficult Turn in Life
Mankind Asleep in old Comfy Chair Trying to Tell me Everything important He knows about Women
Awoken in Dark by Brother and Brother In-law asking me Why I Never Visit (asking dream for long distant space travel idea)
A Lady showing you an Electrical Extension Cord she Rewired to Fool a Wolf
Man on Date Confessing to Woman that he has Made his Arm Look Wounded to win her Affections
Top down View of an Opened Can of Corned Beef

View Pastel Set 139

Shadows and Dreams watching me watch an Unoccupied Patio Chair
Man Standing at Workbench with Hands Embedded into it and Can Never Work or Leave
Don't Bury Yourself
Hollywood Makeup Student Delighted to Tears that Her Friend has brought Her a First Makeup Client
Visualizing Man Saddened while Nurse Bandages his Hand that will Never be Useable Again
Large Purple Onion in Garden that has Grown into a Once in a Lifetime Shape

View Pastel Set 138

Viewing Second Life through a Headset Microphone that is Sadly only a Paper Clip
Bus Driver watching a Depression Forming next to his Seat and a Passenger Filling it with Water
Car on top of Forty Foot Pillar of Ice near Coast which is too Slippery to hold a Car much Longer
Metal Coffee Pot Shaped like Human Skull with Eye Holes and Nose Handle (asking dream to invent bedroom mosquito trap)
Newspaper Ad that Boldly starts If You Have any of These Symptoms making me Sympathetic for Someone New
Sweeping a Kitchen Floor with my Socked Feet while Wishing I had a Family Doctor

View Pastel Set 137

A Curious Young Boy climbing into a Large Outdoor Pet Cage then Cowering to Protect himself from a Bat
A Teen Girl Grudgingly moving aside for a Successful Woman to pass who has huge Tartan Shoulder Pads Also
A Man talking About one of his Theories suddenly Giving himself a Shudder of Fear
Being given a Very Dusty Vintage Wool Sweater and Politely being Thankful
A TV Clown Demonstrating how to hold a Disposable Plastic Cup up against the Lens of a Five inch Eye Ball
Man wearing Humorous Plastic Hat Coat Tie and Plastic Name Tag that reads OFFLINE

View Pastel Set 136

Man and Woman News Anchors Broadcasting World News the Woman Anchor Oddly with Face Painted like a Lioness
A Man asking a Man why his Eyelashes have Lint Fluff and why One of his Eyes has a Tongue
My Aunt Introducing me to a Friend of her Daughter's who strives to Act and Dress like Me
A Man Climbing up the outside of a Lighthouse to join his New Girlfriend who took the Stairs
Finding Plates of unfinished Food Under Sink Cupboards and on Shelves of Coat Closets
A Deadpan Man Surprisingly Standing Still after just Flipping through the Air out of Control

View Pastel Set 135

A Man Disgusted by Acquaintances Removing and Returning his Pets saying Why would Anyone do That
A Man Looking into Stove Oven Tossing Food behind him Saying and Now it's Time for the Real Heat
Four 18th Century Gentlemen in a Cave asking just what is this Domain For
Man and Woman Driving Convertible on Fast Highway with Woman Pulling Down Radio Antenna to Take something Off
A Man watching a Man Work who has Converted his Big Toes into Guns for Tunnelling Demolition
Lady Seated at Bar with Lady Like Class Putting Beer-Cap on and then Putting it's straw to Her Mouth

View Pastel Set 134

Finding a Pair of Reading Glasses in the Composting Heap
Opening one Door of two Industrial Double Doors and seeing Nature Outside (asking dream to fix my sinusitis and why I'm plugging my good nostril)
Woman searching for Good Place to Hide her Tough Man Spike Belt looking towards my Pillow
My Cat saying we could Never be Friends Explaining its Paw over this Barrier demonstrates its Political Views are too Radical for Me
1990 Dreamed Painting of Two Faces One Upside Down
An Automatic Scent Freshening Machine bought Last Month unfindable in an Ominously Messy Sink Cubboard

View Pastel Set 133

A Teacher of Meek Ego fighting to keep Hold of his Teaching Aid Bucket that his Principle always has Fun with in Jest
A Female Fifty Foot Tall Swim Sport Instructor Training New Students by Holding their Heads Upside Down in Water
A Large Turtle on a Bus Stop covering a Diamond Encrusted Man Hole Cover that No One but the Turtle knows is There
Looking out my Window and seeing a Toy Radio Controlled Balloon crash landed on my Snow Covered Lawn
A Twelve Year old Shy Owner of a Large Corporation embarrassingly admitting that yes he owns the Largest Office
Headlights of a Large Truck Turning into our Driveway Approaching a Wolf Waiting in our Open Garage

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