Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Thirty Three

The continuance of all life depends.
On the inaccuracy of all minds.
Where incorrect feedback makes each hour.
Grow you differently based on rhymes.

#853A Teacher of Meek Ego fighting to keep Hold of his Teaching Aid Bucket that his Principle always has Fun with in Jest

#854A Female Fifty Foot Tall Swim Sport Instructor Training New Students by Holding their Heads Upside Down in Water

#855A Large Turtle on a Bus Stop covering a Diamond Encrusted Man Hole Cover that No One but the Turtle knows is There

#856Looking out my Window and seeing a Toy Radio Controlled Balloon crash landed on my Snow Covered Lawn

#857A Twelve Year old Shy Owner of a Large Corporation embarrassingly admitting that yes he owns the Largest Office

#858Headlights of a Large Truck Turning into our Driveway Approaching a Wolf Waiting in our Open Garage

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