Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Thirty Six

Dopamine! Yes how clever.
Radical! Until send.
How to make a million nevers.
Outside a self made pen.

#871Man and Woman News Anchors Broadcasting World News the Woman Anchor Oddly with Face Painted like a Lioness

#872A Man asking a Man why his Eyelashes have Lint Fluff and why One of his Eyes has a Tongue

#873My Aunt Introducing me to a Friend of her Daughter's who strives to Act and Dress like Me

#874A Man Climbing up the outside of a Lighthouse to join his New Girlfriend who took the Stairs

#875Finding Plates of unfinished Food Under Sink Cupboards and on Shelves of Coat Closets

#876A Deadpan Man Surprisingly Standing Still after just Flipping through the Air out of Control

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