Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Fourty One

How about a solemn toast for what we've said.
The last thing people believe we hope.
I saw it once on the tip of the young.
A forgiven so bold in scope.

#901Woman Looking through Bedroom Full Length Mirror with no Glass instead Showing that Mirror for the World Beyond It

#902A Valuable Antique Document Explaining how to Fire someone for being a Hard Worker

#903Naively Discovering some of my Small White Pills on one of the access Floors of a Deserted Huge Stadium

#904Catching myself about to put Spaghetti noodles into a Toilet tank and Realizing it's not a Pot

#905Entering an Art Gallery near Male and Female Browsing and Shielding my Eyes until I know what to Do

#906A Fifty Foot High Poster of Some of my Paintings Partly Visible to me Between Distant Trees and Buildings

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