Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Thirty Four

Bold as even writing sins.
As much as heaven has no eyes.
And statement onward delivers "light".
Afterwards the meanest prize.

#859Finding a Pair of Reading Glasses in the Composting Heap

#860Opening one Door of two Industrial Double Doors and seeing Nature Outside (asking dream to fix my sinusitis and why I'm plugging my good nostril)

#861Woman searching for Good Place to Hide her Tough Man Spike Belt looking towards my Pillow

#862My Cat saying we could Never be Friends Explaining its Paw over this Barrier demonstrates its Political Views are too Radical for Me

#8631990 Dreamed Painting of Two Faces One Upside Down

#864An Automatic Scent Freshening Machine bought Last Month unfindable in an Ominously Messy Sink Cubboard

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