Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Thirty Five

And photography shall be a great equalizer.
Where, heavens and blames shall bore.
Enchanting instead the worst horoscopes.
To come live in a world so lore.

#865A Man Disgusted by Acquaintances Removing and Returning his Pets saying Why would Anyone do That

#866A Man Looking into Stove Oven Tossing Food behind him Saying and Now it's Time for the Real Heat

#867Four 18th Century Gentlemen in a Cave asking just what is this Domain For

#868Man and Woman Driving Convertible on Fast Highway with Woman Pulling Down Radio Antenna to Take something Off

#869A Man watching a Man Work who has Converted his Big Toes into Guns for Tunnelling Demolition

#870Lady Seated at Bar with Lady Like Class Putting Beer-Cap on and then Putting it's straw to Her Mouth

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