Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Thirty Eight

It wasn't quite so hard as shut-up.
But the grass was ridden-hay.
Today I got a sweet proposal:
Sternum buried man's expressions yay!

#883Viewing Second Life through a Headset Microphone that is Sadly only a Paper Clip

#884Bus Driver watching a Depression Forming next to his Seat and a Passenger Filling it with Water

#885Car on top of Forty Foot Pillar of Ice near Coast which is too Slippery to hold a Car much Longer

#886Metal Coffee Pot Shaped like Human Skull with Eye Holes and Nose Handle (asking dream to invent bedroom mosquito trap)

#887Newspaper Ad that Boldly starts If You Have any of These Symptoms making me Sympathetic for Someone New

#888Sweeping a Kitchen Floor with my Socked Feet while Wishing I had a Family Doctor

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