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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2012
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 88

A Comedian Testing the Hearing of his Audience by Increasingly Elaborate Means
Dream of a Pretty Avatar Named Surelootie Visiting Art Galleries in Secondlife
Finding a Cellphone Hidden Very Well up Under a Fair Ground Booth
Under Tables at an Unpopular Poetry Lounge and Seeing a Woman's Legs
A White Mouse in a Living Room with One Wall Missing Having a Look at Outside
A Peaceful Bus with a Slide at the Back for Occasional Deboarding without Stopping

View Pastel Set 87

Child Three Card Monty Enthusiast Running away from Three Unhappy Costumers
Department Store Saleswoman Seeing Man Crossing a Rope Bridge on One of her Televisions
Two Art Patrons with Triangle Heads Looking at the Center of my Pie Shaped Painting
A Paper Airplane Dividing a Feed of Twin Punch Cards where One Side has no Holes
Woman Kind Resting Surrounded by Five Friends Viewed from Forty Five Feet Away
Looking up at Many Loaves of Bread on top of a Refrigerator

View Pastel Set 86

An Artist Table Being the Only Furniture in a Building (will this illness ever end)
A Woman Setting up her First Art Show which is Only a Table of Artificial Fruit in a Restaurant
An Irresistible Supermodel Showing the Newest Unapproachable Fashions
Woman Proud of Man and Standing Behind Him and Holding His Shoulders
A Dentist Testing Out the Advice he Just Gave by Brushing his Own Upper Lip
A Woman in a Bed Against the Side of a Barn being Photographed

View Pastel Set 85

Warming Up a Lucky Lottery Charm by Dangling it Inside a Bread Toaster
Invisible Lawyer in Dream Void with Disclaimer to Sign Apologizing for Lack of Content
Backside Deck of Mountainside Home with a Large Spike Added Daily for Peace of Mind
Unusually Large Elephant Trunk Kissing Prone Nude Woman and Only Her Legs are Showing
A Large Dump Truck Exploring a Beach Side Shopping Mall and Oddly Backing Up Alot
A Man Standing at the End of an Endlessly Long Table Wondering about Women

View Pastel Set 84

A Plate of Leftovers in a Refrigerator very Strangely not Getting Warmer
Unknown Actress Playing Ensign on Startrek with Studio Light Reflections on her Sunglasses
Man Tearing Electric Guitar in Half Seeking Digital Camera he Knows is Hidden Inside
A Crumpled up Piece of Paper Somewhere Inside a Vacant Building
Fifteen Insects Swarming Around a Cup of Fresh Coffee being Enjoyed at a Mall
Funeral Parlor Business Man Deep Underground Practicing Hobby of Mixing Colors

View Pastel Set 83

Man Holding Water Fountain Jug near Woman Standing in Bath House Pool of Swamp Water
Expert Delivering Cool Car to Shut-in's Apartment Foyer then Whistling to Notify
A Man Successfully Flying up to Ocean Side Cliff with Homemade Wings
Woman Drinking Champaign Inspecting Glass Ashtray as She Holds it up to the Light
Entry Turnstile to a Grocery Store only Seven Inches Wide Viewed From Above
Shy Man with Shy Man Inside His Chest Who Only Comes Out When it's Peaceful

View Pastel Set 82

A Suggestion Box Narrowed at the Top as a Deterrence to Feedback
A Man with Three Heads Who Only Talks to his Closest Friends
Man Thinking in his Photography Studio Woman Approaching Behind Him
A Spy with Pocket DNA Analyzer Secretly Searching for Shyness
Two Telescopes on a Hilltop Facing North with Shoveled Holes for Porn Below Them
A Veterinarian Checking a Man's Blood Pressure with a Healthy Dog Between Them

View Pastel Set 81

Packages of Plastic Tie Wraps Hanging from a Kitchen Ceiling by Strings
Spoiled Milk Time Control Carton Seeing Boy with Oil Lamp Teen Car Bunking and Keys Near Sewer
Half Finished Pebble Dike Being Built by Someone Who Has Alot of Free Time
Man Before High Voltage Control Wall Shorting One Component With Pliers
A Massive Long Hallway at Four in the Morning with a Stranger at the Other End
One Cabin Embedding into the Upper Corner of Another Cabin

View Pastel Set 80

Front Door Clock with One Foot Tangled Vines of Man who Keeps his Outings Short
An Over Weight Woman Putting on a Pair of Rose Colored Glasses
Surprised Women in Bikini Waking up on Top of a Woman in Bikini Somewhere on a Tundra
Romantic Candle Lit by a Woman That is Falling into a Box of Fireworks Behind Her
A Flat Faced Man in a Bed with his Features Like a Rubber Mask
Leg Descending a Mountain Resting and Overlooking a City

View Pastel Set 79

Three Pyramids made of Pyramids outside my Window named Earth Friend and Fire
Man Fishing with his Dry Stale Cheese and his Strong Warehouse Dolly for the Catch
Crazy Excitable Man Lashing Out at Calm Perfectly Schooled Man Blocking Adequately
Fifteen Nuns Riding a Single Motorcycle on a Road Trip to Find the Best Printing Shop
Odd Car with Engine Hood in Over Roof Position Protecting Career or Comfort
Gallery Entrance with the Forearm and Forehead of the Artist Embedded into the Floor

View Pastel Set 78

A Curious Cat with Front Paws Standing in a Frying Pan Being Washed in a Kitchen Sink
A University of Higher Learning Showing You a Slice of Pizza
Man with Deformed Arm on Cloud not Reaching Down and Mature Woman not Reaching up
Trunks of Underwater Elephants Entwining Over Picnic Blanket at Rocky Coast Line
A Rocky Coast Line with Many Random Elephant Trunks Raised out of Water for Air
Man on Community Skating Rink Hiding Behind Large Envelope Connected to Apartment by String

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