Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Eighty Five

If I buy a gift worth sixteen heavens.
What fifteen facts are you?
And if dreams take away the almost moveable acts.
Can I give you the almost movable few?

#565Warming Up a Lucky Lottery Charm by Dangling it Inside a Bread Toaster

#567Invisible Lawyer in Dream Void with Disclaimer to Sign Apologizing for Lack of Content

#568Backside Deck of Mountainside Home with a Large Spike Added Daily for Peace of Mind

#569Unusually Large Elephant Trunk Kissing Prone Nude Woman and Only Her Legs are Showing

#570A Large Dump Truck Exploring a Beach Side Shopping Mall and Oddly Backing Up Alot

#571A Man Standing at the End of an Endlessly Long Table Wondering about Women

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