Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Forty Eight

Yes. The golden leaflets.
In the back there, fold.
Let her highlights enter sight.
Impress mankind and hold.

#1546Using a massive Calculator that displays all concepts Backwards on my side like What's a Fridge

#1547The 3D Tornado inside a Trance Club tearing a Giant Loaf of Bread into Crumbs going everywhere for the track Finances

#1548Regular Man and Woman almost passing each other on burned Hiking Trail suddenly seeing a Tidal-wave Together

#1549Apartment Desk Sitter with Flute on Balcony playing only five Notes once per Week heard by an Apartment Desk Sitter wishing she could also Deep

#1550On empty Stage with no Audience as Curtain closes then reopens to Twenty foot Human Head of Self too close and Starring

#1551Discovering my Microwave Oven has Three selectable external Camera viewpoints and Three External Power levels Somehow

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