Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Forty Seven

The only thing youth need to know about atoms.
They can learn best from the sandbox averages.
Building everything with all their and heart and soul.
And borrowing forever from the untoned adages.

#1540A Waitress wearing a Hanging Fish Appren Uniform taking a Long time to Serve Winnie the Pooh

#1541A giant diamond Record Player Needle bouncing off the Two Sides of the Grand Canyon singing randomness to the Bane

#1542A Roman Chariot rider talking to the Road

#1543A very well rested Frog on Rock Who has never needed to Look Upward Studying Mysteries of the Brook he is Reading Kind of like feeding Supper

#1544Wow Looking upward turns out to be rather Amazing Everytime

#1545Three kid Brothers sharing Cost of an iMac Pro using Apple credit cards Before they turn back into Water Televised

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