Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Twenty Three

The last tent. And now it lets the rain through.
I baked her some bread filled with what she can't do.
Everyone wants to know what sounds so great.
If she never paints her words I'll wait.

#1396A female standing in a massive Tent with massive Gears a massive Telescope and a male visitor Her hands offering him a cantaloupe

#1397Humanities Student asking joyous animal behavioural Scientist hugging Creatures if You do Throw up do you Start Hearing

#1398Well dressed Men and Women playing Toaster Poker all Night because Everyone Fits Free Butter

#1399A Jackrabbit with one Big Thumb Front Leg on a Map rare Speed It's Thumb hurting from such deep surgeries Called What a woman Seas

#1400A Planet of Men being Evil and Women being Arrested and new Babies eating with their Hands

#1401A lonely Man standing before a Store Front Window that has only One Autumn Maple Leaf carefully on Display

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