Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Twenty Two

You'll actually then have one-thought.
For every one of her users.
You'll actually need to buy a flower.
Named "chance today of movers".

#1390A monolithic Glass lounge Chair for thinking and dreaming Higher than the Grass

#1391Port Side gathering of Happy Gold Miners' Wives aboard Yukon Party Boat with all their fingers Mingled in the Air

#1392A Lovely woman Visible through a Haze

#1393Sandwich Ziplock Bags in front pockets One some Used-Floss other some New-Floss (asking dream for flossing reminder trick)

#1394A Friend Delivering a Ring by Kite to Couple on Park Bench but Running our of Sunset

#1395Bronze Sculpture and Poem Plaque in Park of Woman introducing Man to her Knitting Mother

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