Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Sixteen

At the coordinates of true fine arts.
On the island of never preach.
The drop of water, that is true man.
Finds crevices not fit for speak.

#1354Big Wrench on Wheels nearing Boots of Man Sleeping Beside Oak Island Mud Path It's about to run over something Guys

#1355Strong Pump forcing hard drying Green water out into all Ocean leaks interfering with Oak Island Endeavors

#1356Dream answering idea for Oak Island as vision of Text saying Try and List all Water Metrics

#1357Train in mid air with Feedback Loop of its Theory Self swooping back and Making its Solid Self

#1358A New International Space Station's Maiden Antigravity Flight through the Grand Canyon as Fans of Man Kind Wave

#1359Young Lady alone Investigating Bedroom while Young man rides Bicycle only Thirty Yards through Mud

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