Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Fifteen

You won't get away at the end.
Money has those talons.
And you've got this job to do.
When you seek, a sense of balance.

#1348Resting with Thumb stuck in Empty Bathtub drain And biting other Thumb Often due to Sympathy Pain

#1349Friends Finally Finding her first Four Hundred Poems that she lost in her Toaster's Internet of Things VR Coffee Shops District (Internet of Things cartoon) (VR cartoon)

#1350Two adjacent Apartment Buildings one burned Less one More where Strong winds from the Right were Evident

#1351The fearing of Fears of Farm leaving Farm to follow cars Following Cars

#1352Large Man leaving Movie Theater pulling up his pleats Saying there's that Poor guy from that Channel as he Sees you choosing a Seat

#1353Man telling his brother News apprenetly by Huge Words in mid Air Drifting Slowly from Boat to Shore

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