Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Thirteen

Where does "the nowhere" hide the vast.
Hair growing back slow not fast.
Where does a calendar's eons hide.
Angers the bed linens would never try.

#1336Shiny tar Human Shape at Night rising out of Swimming Pool the Moment you Worry

#1337Moving In Gift to Emily Dickinson of Park Bench Large Fountain in Livingroom and Teddybear with Complex Instructions in Bedroom after consulting Dream

#1338Hearing this will Teach you how a Human Body works While playing Pool with everything coated Molasses

#1339Conjunction of Seven new On and Off Ramps in Front of Home leaving Anxiety unable to open new Forever Pedestrian Manual

#1340Who has Got this Bad Boy and trying to Figure me out If You could ask an Afternoon does milk or coffee Doubt

#1341Thirty Five quiet poor Passengers in the Cargo Hold of Ship not Allowed to Leave their four foot Toilet Cubicles

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