Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Twelve

Like Vancouver within a mitten.
East-Morse code with a spine.
And February upon a book.
I put-down named Heart of Mine.

#1330A Scientist Woman discovering Man can be Wrong

#1331Being older and not Surprised Hot Coffee can Spill Seven Levels of Yes it can get Worse in four Seconds

#1332Ghost of a man's father telling Him a Mouth blocked by Twenty inch round Web of Mold not Healthy

#1333Two Seals in unlit Olympic Swimming Pool 20 years under Living Room Carpet until Home is Found (the amphibious mistake breaking visiting brother's heart)

#1334Looking at Web Site raw logs Intuitively Closer in one Area and Seeing the Words I Need Help coming into Focus

#1335The Maturity Score can't be Gamed

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