Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Ninety One

A little "down" on the idle. And it might-work now.
They'll have several in stock I'm sure.
Well forty or so accounting-for-talking.
Today might leave "I'm more".

#1204High Chain Link Fence being unlocked by Two men in Leather Jackets the first one nicknamed The Roller

#1205A mother watching her Daughter crying because someone has Copied her whole Web Site

#1206Two serious Samaritans exiting and entering Emergency Room bumping Shoulders as they pass signalling Good

#1207My Brothers discussing the hot looking Women they are seeing two Thousand feet Away

#1208The word Birch floating in mid air spelled with Birch Bark

#1209Far Man saying I beat you to Liam Neeson saying Thank You for that Hate Mail as he feeds his Fish

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