Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Ninety

It's not a statement.
And yes it brakes on earth.
Living like an Orangutan.
It's even higher-nightmares work.

#1198A female Teacher with Stopwatch and drum roll Sound Affect telling Students a test has Begun then sealing her Lips with Tape

#11991920's Men and Women exiting Building basement Hatch at Sunrise after having a Good Time

#1200A Man rushing to Vacuum his Foyer shelf after his Guests have placed their hats There

#1201Side view of a Ceramic Pig that can serve Salt or Pepper as a Set or Single

#1202Man alone in City leaning backwards with Long Pony Tail instead of Head or Neck

#1203Two product promotion Women returning to Limousine at the Oaf Cabin winter swimsuit Competition

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