Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Fifty Nine

It will seep into cracks so darkly furious.
And reveries no calendars knew.
Please love that rule to be continuous.
In the majestics we choose to do.

#1012View looking down at my Feet trapped in Corner of Chicken Coop by young Chickens crowding Perilously (painting of my health)

#1013Two Buckets of Water Experiment one receiving trickle of Chocolate other trickle of Wine

#1014A Man with a Canon Shaped Deformation in the Iris of his Left Eye hoping no one ever Notices

#1015A Cat with One Inch Metal Hair under its Chin making its Owner wonder about what to Do

#1016A Support Beam and a Furnace half Tilted Over

#1017Two Close Cottages in Second Life One Petite (my art and poetry career)

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