Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Fifty Eight

A mattress, better off than it's family;
Looking for who else has a ticket-dream.
If there's any-viewing all those monitors.
That's the last of it; (too much yarn to scream).

#1006A Taxi Service making $5000 Dollar bid to Drive me Home after three Days of Negotiation in his Family's Living-Room

#1007A Universe liking Improvements including Nude Descending a Wrong Way Street

#1008Two Hands Folding House Wiring back over three foot Stick like Sewing Needle showing what Humanity Should

#1009Arm of Performance Artist clumsily reaching out to Controls of Backhoe Loader clumsily reaching out to World

#1010The Satisfaction of Replacing a Bedroom Doorknob Perfectly (a painting for Plato who hated painters and poets)

#1011Small Company hidden in a Highspeed Transitway with Large Sign advising the application of Brakes very Heavily

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