Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Fifty Seven

It's a starting point, that is exactly half.
Whatever her lover doesn't whisper. Plus one thing.
People should be fully attractive.
Do you know how to measure one? Times wing.

#1000Two upside down Teardrop shaped UFO's in a Sunrise

#1001Zebras Intwined at centre of Jigsaw Puzzle that may never be Finished

#1002Touching a Sensor to the Metal Rods of a Computer Chair to find its Sweet Spot for Receiving Television

#1003Shyly proud My Shipment arrival of a Wooden Art Display Box is half dismantled by a Local Craftsman measuring it to Copy

#1004Shyly proud Neighbours have been placing Bets against my Box of Table Salt falling off a Clothesline before Theirs

#1005Back Door view of it raining People and Pieces of Wood

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