Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Fourty Five

Eerie! The white horn!!
As chosen as the fun.
Almost like a lithograph.
No pilots steer by sun.

#925Rusting Bicycle in Swamp Marsh watched by Owner Thirty years later Meditating on Nearby Rock

#926Two Friends about to take Crane Lift ride at Under Funded Country Fair

#927Detective Frustrated at Bartender's lack of Answers rubbing Bar's Flatbed Scanner for Psychic Signals

#928A Farm Tractor with one Wheel ten times Higher than my ego Slowly Being Driven Backwards by a Woman

#929Bedroom Door with Rare Important Warning Decals from Historical Ship Engine and Engineering Rooms

#930A Male Mosquito on a Bedroom Wall making Plans to Afford Columbo Doctoring

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