Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Fourty Four

I don't care what drugs they're on.
They all-need hungry soup.
Some people say nothing sad.
Mad, mad, mad.

#919A very long Tent Pole extending to the North Sky from a Small Tent

#920A Hand with Adhesive Coloured Buttons that fall off when its Person Thinks too Emotionally

#921Watching cat Smell Coins and Swallow them without Human Interference

#922A Man Tip Toeing through Driveway Puddles in Pyjamas to goto the Mall with his Brother

#923Looking out Window and Seeing Communications Tower now Fifty Percent closer than it's Been for Years

#924Getting Tangled in Spider Webs after Moving to far end of Porch to watch Fireworks away from a Crowd

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