Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Twelve

And the winds of change are omnipresent.
And they always heat seek the learn.
And where ever we look too long at slightness.
The meanings of life will burn.

#727Everyone Rides a Right to Earth (three environment lovers riding new trundle wheel scooters)

#728Man with Round Mouth who Thinks he Looks Stupid if he Talks wearing a Nylon Stocking over his Head

#729A Too Friendly Man Keeping his Long Hair in the Corner of his Mouth whenever he Talks too Much

#730Man and Woman Making Love at a Garbage Dump as they Take a Break From Scavenging

#731A Goodbye to Real World Customers hit by Six Lane Highway Traffic as they Attempt to Enter Very Truly Roadside Stores

#732A Bicycle Wheel Made of Zippered Denim that Continuously Zippers Closed Automatically by Riding

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