Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Eleven

Isn't it weird that things go right.
Who knew that atoms drive.
Right here so deep in the meaning of life.
Who knew that fathoms pride.

#722Entrepreneur Quickly Moving Ten Segway Scooters across Street Traffic Hourly to greet Tourist Arrivals

#723A Man's Hands Wrapping Plasticine around Communication Wires

#724Four Outhouses on Warming River Ice with one Falling Through if Controlled by Quiet Sadness

#725Youth Gang Ominously asking Very Lost Pedestrian Are You Having Trouble Choking to Death

#566Masked Son Looking Down Through Many Holes Shouting Dirty Birds as his Mother Watches

#726A Deep Thinking Man Retrieving a Traffic Obstructing Stool Dropping from a Street with his Mouth

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