Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Ten

Flying together tonight.
She, impressed him chimes.
Me and you, stop it, stop it.
I can't do this a thousand times.

#716Light Watching the Wind trying to Silence a Wind Chime

#717Woman giving her new Boyfriend medicine while saying Thankyou for Trying Me Vinnie

#718A Bicycle Path Worn into the Grassy side of a Vastly Long Ridge by those who have lead Focused Lives

#719Two Elderly Women Clashing their Personal Wireframe Grocery Carts and then Laughing Friendly

#720Taxidermied Bat Displayed Flat as Cure for Bed Bugs (asking dream for simple bed bugs cure to help mankind not me)

#721A Mattress in a Garden Amongst many Hedges and Flowers

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