Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Six

It's always dankest before the wrong.
Where haven in the mind repeats.
And hurries shine upon the shone.
Where the worries can grow obliques.

#692Neighborhood Women asking a Quiet Man to Remove the Chair from the Front of his House

#693Nothing on a Train Track Built for Delivering Future Flowers Shaped how a Rose Could Be (particle rides)

#694Pickup Truck with Rotating Sphere of Belongings at a Loading Dock (so you realize it's a cloud)

#695Nude Very Distant Perfect Woman on Quiet Beach Walking Away with Pubic Hair on Wrong Side

#696A Verticaly Flat Tree Suitored by a Verticaly Flat Square and Four Tall Boxes

#697Winding Mountain Road Passing One Mile Deep Pit with Road Circling Down to Center

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