Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Five

I play a game I call the unknown sure.
Where I'll find some detail on a public floor.
And wonder how no one has ever seen it before.
Then imagine I know how its warmth I wore.

#686Two Sexy Women Both Holding Cell Phone Microphones Out Away from Their Mouths

#687A Large Toy House Next to a Man Proudly Telling a Woman that He's Building a Platform in There

#688A Broom Handle Suddenly and Powerfully Pushed Through a Door to You by a Crazy Person Being Courteous

#689A Complexly Folded Box of Doughnuts with a Paper Pistol Included

#690Two Computer Users with their Head Tops Warping Towards a Laptop with Frightenly Obsessed Looks

#691A Woman Walking Away with a Brand Patch on Her Jeans that says Made to Laugh

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