I almost thought about you last night.
Could you tell me more about you please?
The subconscious sees life with only five pixels.
And stands alone near no breeze.

  Everything we have to deal with is complex but it's also simple too. Art shows that  
simplicity but not too simple please or it shows nothing.  

A Dream Theory
I like saying my 1691 dream paintings are deadpan simplifciations like the
core of a lighning bolt or like a five pixel (five symbol) camera,
(of my problem solving thinking, not of what I see).

I think dreams are simplified thinking, and they are a form
of fractals. Dreams are simplified fractals of thinking, that follow the
same shape as the complicated fractals of thinking made while awake. It's       
like being asked to draw the shape of a distant mountain, but being
told you are only allowed to show its shape by using 7 match sticks. Or
being asked to draw the shape of a recent lightning bolt, but you can
only use 10 match sticks. Simplification.
I wonder why we dream.
They must mean something.
The lightning bolt asked.
When it's core bent hunting.

Maybe the human brain thinks it was originally a fish. One that can only maintain an inflated awareness of high resolution complexities in short daily bursts. Maybe then the fish must collapse it's complexities perception bubble each night, so it can get back to having only four or five pixels of complexity to think about. Maybe a fish can only handle a small amount of complexity in a picture when it has to do some overall problem solving thinking like it has done well for eons. Maybe this is called abstraction, or simplification of the complex.

Some Art Theories
Doesn't every thought whether tiny while awake or large while asleep contain a perception, a problem, and a solution? Shouldn't a painting or a quatrain contain them too?

  Art and dreams are the complexities we imagine must be  
in between the simple things pointed out.  

Then my five pixel camera.
Answered her question in kind.
Inside must be simple.
Because outside is all time.

  When a person views my lucid dream paintings or my quatrains they  
are seeing constellations, -constellations of thinking.  

Would you like to see my art,
I own a five pixel camera.
Five symbols is all it takes,
and lonely folds the drama.

To me painting and drawing skills look like humanity's.
Shiny new impressive 5 pixel camera invention.
Which is pretty boring if you don't point it at the 5 metaphors.
That are in front of us but eyes don't mention.

  You cannot see it, but there's a flickering flame. There's no monopoly  
on centers, in the shadows game.  

  Next is one of my favorite art quotes, I found it years  
ago in a channeling newsletter.  

  Let me raise a toast to artists. Dreams and atoms are just lots of dots. With the  
only way to be or see things. They connect the dots with thoughts.  

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Argue with someone for what they do.
Or direction their words might lean.
My favorite armament though has no who.
They can't argue with what you dream.
When I look at constellations.
I can see what your dreams are.
You'll have one million thoughts a month.
But you only get five stars.

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