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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2014
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 99

Voice Over Old Milk Carton Saying no More than the Usual Dosage (asking dream to solve world baldness)
A Man Waiting a Long Time for a Bus which Arrives but just Parks on a Lawn Beside Him
A Man in the Dark in his Apartment Pretending that he is a Floor Lamp
Captain of Large Ship and Passengers Standing Against Foot High Railing Waving Goodbye to Overboard Woman
Many Crowding Friends Visiting Crazy Inventor as he is Busy Inventing Time Machine for Making Friends in the Past
A Door with a Sign Indicating a Future Meeting Place for Neutral People

View Pastel Set 98

Slow Man Leaving a Building Through Revolving Door Before Fast Man Asking Would You Like Me to Carry You
Pro Football Players Lined up in Practice to use an Average Person as a Golf Club to Hit Footballs
Fastidious Car Parked in Desolate Drive-in Theater Using Two Speakers and Wanting No More Stimulations Per Day
A Fashion Setting Carrying Bag with Printing on the Side Saying Mama Bear's Delights
Mean Lips Saying Your Passport is No Use to Me
Confused House Guests Seeing Host Gesturing Both Come In and Go Away Simultaneously

View Pastel Set 97

A Desk for Role Reversal Interviews with Alligator and Squirrel Costumes for its Participants
A Personalized Cheque with Fine Print Saying Date Range out of Strength
A Pretty Woman Traveled a Long Way to Voice her Opinion Almost Raising Her Hand Beside You
A Woman Showing you Something on her Pocket Computer in Pain because You're not Releasing her Hand
Walking People Attracted to and then Sticking to a Ten Foot Ball of People Over a Fence
Famous Reality Game Show Host Hurting Female Contestant by Pushing Her to the Ground

View Pastel Set 96

Dripping Cola into Pile of Ashtrays and Other Complexities Trying Carefully to Fill only One
A Talkative Friendly Grounds Keeper Dropping Dead Moments after being Past by a Private Person
A Patent Illustration Showing the Foot Controls of a Private Motor Vehicle Numbered Wisely
Video Feed Zoomed in Too Much Panning Room for Recognizables but Only Finding a Zipper
Pushing Down Garbage in a Kitchen Waste Receptacle so the Spring Loaded Lid Will Close
A Hand Held out Sideways over a Brook Testing Air to Feel all that a Universe has to Offer

View Pastel Set 95

A Woman's Strong Mean Boyfriend Blowing a Bubble Gum Bubble Against your Face
Reaching Down and Lifting a Woman's Foot off of One of your Computer Cables
A Lost Grandmother Wandering Streets and Store Fronts at Four in the Morning Viewed from Behind
Dali Poster Powered Food Court Wall Behind a Man Wearing Feathered Head Dress Lunching Mall
Taking a Healthy Beverage Product from a Shelf and Putting a Cup of Coffee on it Far to the Back
A Weird Judge Behind a Small Three Pane Room Divider he Opens Across his Bench Very Often

View Pastel Set 94

Sleeping Homeless on Abandoned Bus and Hearing Homeless Woman Sing About Seeing You Today
Four Half Walls and Fog
Waiting Room of Psychiatrist with Railing Around Deep Earth Heavy Water Reservoir
Woman Rushing Home from a Blind Date and Pulling her Bed from the Walls in a Panic
Two Stoic Bull Dogs Posing Majestically on a Hilltop one Leader one Loyal
A Skinny Woman Wearing Oversized Clothing Holding Beautiful Golden Compass to her Stomach

View Pastel Set 93

Note Dropped by Man to Soldier Down Five Floors Intercepted by Woman Down One
Person with Black Piece of Paper Faking Missing Tooth Shaking Hands (a quit smoking idea)
Rubbing the Floor Around a Toilet with your Clothes Before Meals (how to lose weight idea)
White Light Ahead Driver Finding Hobo Sleeping Passenger Floor Inset Color Circles (cure for cancer dream)
Cafe Logo Saying Hooray Hooray the Lawyers are in Town Hooray Hooray Let's Call the Clowns
My Mother's Keys Beside a Kitchen Sink in an Empty Dish Drying Rack

View Pastel Set 92

Male Stowaway Attempting to Kiss Female Stowaway but Being Pushed Away
A Typical Y Shaped Decision with Magnifying Glass Near and Atrophied Far
Ink Circle Line Drawn Around Base of Thumb (asking dream to show thumb biting solution)
Neighbor in Apartment Window on Chair with Old Radio for Head Holding Teddy Bear
A Puppet Slowly Rolling Down Basement Stairs with Smelly Shoe on his Face Thinking That's Life
A Celebrity Almost Shaking Hands with you but Oddly just Tickling Your Thumb Print

View Pastel Set 91

A Garbage Bin Full of Constantly Moving Garbage
Moonlight Silhouette of a Flea Inside a Parasite on a Man's Stomach
Man with Box on his Head and Arms Held Out Wandering Woods Near Woman Seated on Ground
Amateur Exploration Centipede with Automatic Reverse Sensors and a Canadian Licence Plate
Hot Rod on Dry Lake Bed Propped up at Angle in Hopes of Being a More Impressive Photo
School Bus in Void Seven Hundred Feet Away at Angle to Viewer

View Pastel Set 90

Man and Woman Removing Bio Suits and Celebrating Success with Community
The Four Stages of a Clothesline Failing a Blanket
The Secret Passing of a High Voltage Wire Under a Curtain as Part of a Complex Plan
A Mother with Two Children Waiting for a Bus as She Suggests They Stay off the Road
Two Cars Turning Left into Narrow Parking Garage Entrance Inner Slow Outer Fast
A Dark Half Phantom Landing Strip Somewhere on a Dark Vast Ocean

View Pastel Set 89

A Man Sitting Up in Bed Looking at One Hand Decorated with Tree Lights
A Very Pale Thin Blonde Looking Out the Plain of a Window
A Satellite in Orbit with a Large Hotdog Clamped at its Core
Secretly Sleeping in a Woman's Bedroom on the Floor Between Her Wall and Her Bed
Two Telephone Jack Contraptions Plugged into the Same Wall Jack with No Phones Attached
Cold Man With Cartoon Flat Head Seeing Two Same Cartoon Flat Heads Floating Over His Campfire

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