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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2010
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 77

A Man Successfully Patting his Head to Drain the Sand out of his Brain
A Large Deep and Interesting Excavation Site in Front of a Man's Home
A Man Wearing an Entirely Black Watch with all Three Hands Removed
Woman Answering Apartment Door Meeting Three Dishwashing Machines in Their Teens
Memory Testing Label on the Bottom Backside Edge of a Man's Sweater
One Meter Crate Floating Towards Us in Void Word Drama Large Font

View Pastel Set 76

Not Knowing how to put Batteries into Something and Just Piling them onto the Hole
Smart Confident Woman Standing Beside Drawing of Sweet Soft Woman
Hole in Painting Shaped Like Weight Lifter Showing Under Painting of Beautiful Woman
Precious Rare Apple in Museum Display at Night about to be Eaten by Woman
A Woman Mountain Climber Sleeping While Hanging from her Rope
A Cup of Coffee Knocked Over on a Kitchen Counter

View Pastel Set 75

Twenty Attractive Young People Dancing at a Party Inside a Cellophane Bubble
A Man Looking at his Empty Inbox which is a Twenty Foot Cellophane Street Cube
Urgently Picking up Scattered Thumbtacks in Front of Busy Exit Door in Vain
Two Women Looking at a Man but Only Seeing a Car Tire with Never Worn Treads
Elephant Doing Hand Stand on Roof of his Mansion Hoping to Impress his Neighbors
A Man Walking Carefully Inside his Mansion because all his Floors are Ice

View Pastel Set 74

Need Those Energy Bullets (pills) Again Please Only Thing Ever Stopped Monster (headache)
Woman Asleep on Small Platform Halfway up Wall in One Hundred Foot High Room
A Motionless Snail with a Computer Next to it's Head
Ten Best Door Locks on the Market with Duplicate Arrangement One Foot Lower
A Man's Private Thirty Foot Ham Radio Bench with Countless Homemade Devices
Palace Guard Traditional Uniform Gold Chin Strap Over One Eye Looking in Mirror

View Pastel Set 73

Woman Collecting Lots of Fries at a Burger Shop from Four Deep Fry Tubs Quickly
A Talkative Leprechaun Sitting on a Resting Woman and Telling Her Stories
All the Characters from Starwars in a Lifeboat on Dry Land in Their Second Life
Man Sitting up in Bed Hiding Behind His Cat Held Like a Mask
Many Small Boxes Forming a Curved Wall (asking dream to show cure my headache)
A Small Box Attached to my Wrist (asking dream to show cure my headache)

View Pastel Set 72

Musical Instruments Mixed With Rescue Gear (only a music lover would rescue someone)
A Man with an Unblockable View of the Moon by Duplicating Himself Like a Robot
Odd Floppy Airplane that will Never Fly at Bottom of Lake Facing an Embankment
A Multi Colored Rain Tree Very Wide with Outer Ends Pointing Up
A Silent Man with Food Hanging from His Mouth Fine Dinning with a Woman
A Man Who Only Jogs in a Mall Parking Lot and Only Behind Cars with Good Brakes

View Pastel Set 71

A Cat and an Owl in Beanbag Chairs Need I Mention Permanence
A Hillbilly Holding his False Two Front Teeth Getting Ready to Go to the Mall
A Poster Calendar of Extinct Animals on a Man's Work Desk
Holding a Small Squid in the Palm of One Hand and Worrying About What to Do
A Man With No Musical Talent Returning an Instrument Packed in Meat to a Music Class
Mixed in Hairs of an Artist Painted to Form an Arch and Probably Graphing a Timeline

View Pastel Set 70

A One Inch Chicken Wire Satellite Dish Left on an Office Water Fountain
A Man Driving a Car by Looking Down at His Knees
A Mansion Staircase of Unknown Height and Destination
Amateur Taxi with Name and Logo Drawn on it's Door with Permanent Marker
Loose Square Flat Rocks Piled up into Hills at a Junk Yard (and then he)
One Step Towards an Irresistible Woman Five Steps Away Down an Embankment Repeat

View Pastel Set 69

TRY THIS (was just people having sex so here's a sunset instead)
Mouse Eye View of a Long Highway Seen from Below a Passenger Car Door
Motorcycle and Truck Tailgating Behind a Nervous Man on a Scooter
Miranda's Little-Try Shy-Guy (painting of egg, in a skateboarding park)
Women Circle Talking in Corner of Large Loft Viewed from Another Corner Quietly
A Lonely Fisherman Catching an Unsatisfactory Fish and Consuming it Raw on the Spot

View Pastel Set 68

Many White Boats Docked Working Hard at Achieving Perfect Singled Positioning
Man Watching Small Mechanical Hockey Game with One Tall Player Standing Inactive
A Gentleman Cat Doubled Resting Sideways Watching White Bunnies Flying Undisturbed
A Contract Laborer Working Hard at Painting the Sky Blue for Michael Jackson
Tall Woman Standing On Helmet Of a Construction Worker as They Watch the Sunset
Overweight Woman with a Continuous Water Leak Streaming from Her Lower Back

View Pastel Set 67

Cat and Dog Looking up at Man and Woman Dancing on a Roof Top Restaurant
Two Large Beds in One Very Small Room Probably Owned by Squirrels
What I Think I Look Like When I Accidentally Try Talking
Finding Five Hundred Unframed Pastel Paintings Leaning Against Your Front Door
Two Robots at Table Pouring Tea One with no Legs One with no Arms
Dogs Freeing Dolphins in a Race from a Floating Square Wooden Corral

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