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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2008
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 66

A Crazy Mixed Up Tree Head Cartoon Character Unable to Tell Stories About Himself
A Man's Wrist Bending Upward Indicating Stop in the Most Manly Fashion Possible
Painting of a Man Living Inside a Small Cabin Built Inside An Art Gallery
A Frog in a Small Protective Cage with Lead Weights on a Pile of Unknown Snakes
My Successful Brother Wearing a Safety Helmet Surrounded by Many Picture Lockets in the Air
A Sportscaster with Beads of Sweat on his Face Showing You a Microphone and a Calculator

View Pastel Set 65

Thin Woman Sleeping on a Bathroom Sink
A Woman Holding a Large Padlock in Front of Herself and Her Boyfriend is Nearby
Solemn Man at his Desk with Head Turned Looking Towards Window
A Woman Looking Upward and Explaining the Green Leaf Below Her Eye
A Man Sleeping in the Back of a Pickup Truck but not Visible Behind a CNN Logo
A Warm and Quiet Home Shaped Like a Girlfriend Recolored with Crayons by my Grandmother

View Pastel Set 64

Man Hiding Inside Barrel on Dock Two Arms Raised Tossing Something Towards River
Elaborate Steam Powered Starter's Pistol Above a Rolled Open Pouch of Nine Pocket Combs
Man Watching Two Women with Sunglasses in Coupe Covetable Drive Under Truck
Solemn Person on Dock a Man Followed by Geese Flying Over and an Elephant Under Water
A Leafless Bush with Twigs Forming a Bed Growing on the Edge of a Cliff
A Driverless Van With a Single Small Tree Growing on it's Roof Like an Antenna

View Pastel Set 63

A Pretty Woman in a Hospital Bed Holding Her New Born Baby
Two Tar Black Mountain Tops Scaring Clean Village with Annual Spring Runoff
A Very Bottom Drawer with an Unfixable Amount of Tangled Twine Seen Often
Spit Ball From Straw Hitting Yourself Shot From Yourself Seated Nearby at Mall Then Smiling
People Going to Work Pushing Inside of Glass Bus Shelter Middle of Barren Parking Lot
A Medium Sized Ship Entering a Famous Harbor Too Fast

View Pastel Set 62

Thirty Excited Street Children Jumping in Anticipation (30 more paintings until next poster)
Vague Printout of Almost a Man with Right or Wrong Way Up in Flux
A Woman Carrying a City Bus to Work Viewed from Behind
A Man in a Chair Asleep in Same Room as Two Attractive Women Seated
A Gentle Tornado Arriving From Next Village at Night
A Man Laying Horizontal Floating Between Two Homes Pretending to Be a House

View Pastel Set 61

Two Faces for my Public Outings Serious Face of Letter A's or Serious Face of Letter D's
A Dreamer in a Horse Costume at Mall Seated behind a Woman in a Food Court
Unflattering Half Finished Painting of a Monkey by a Monkey Who's Siblings Probably Wish He Would Stop
A Man Eating a Handful of Dirty Coins in a Void
Electric Eel Resting on Shoulder of Horse Both Lying Down with Fallen Wire Across Them
Sleeping Man Running from Tree Behind Him His Feet Not Touching Ground

View Pastel Set 60

Man Hiding Under Old Wooden Bridge Putting His Fingers up Through the Slots
A Giant Puppy Running on a Secluded Street it's Back Half in a Box with Two Wheels
The Hands of Woman and Man Exchanging Fish Bone Shaped Keys
A Man Pointing at Paintings of Himself Pointing at Paintings for as Long as He Can
Accessing the Internet from an Upside Down Room
Tree Above and Soil Below with Soil Painted Too Dark and Not Prepared for Viewing Yet

View Pastel Set 59

First a Coffee Shop then Serious and Majestic Wolves and Horses
Archaeological Stone Circle Crumbling with Two Stone Figures Face to Face
Strait Tall Man Among Walking Women Standing in Street Hung Sideways
People Holding Paintings Stolen from People Beside them Showing What they Would like to Be
Man and Woman Mating Deep Down Inside Abandoned Coal Mine Where They Live
A New Tube Shaped Sloth Creature Walking Across a Developing Land Alone

View Pastel Set 58

A Very Bright Flashlight with Four Legs Shining at the Moon at Night
Photo in Suitcase Next to Woman from Suitcase Brother with Camera Behind Both
Lower Half of Woman Crouching Holding Photo of Tiger Before Her
Two Eyes Looking Out at You From the Mask Shaped Hubcap of a Car
Retired House Thief in Mask and Easy Chair Studying Handful of Six Breakfast Cereal Balls
Front Engine Grill of Eighteen Wheel Truck Fallen Shy Woman Inside Peaking Out

View Pastel Set 57

A Man and a Woman Riding Two Exercise Bicycles on a King Size Bed
Two Men With No Heads Playing Slot Machines at a Casino
Head Only of Man In Computer Chair With Ten Foot High Backing Expecting Substantial Growth
Man Wearing Excess Hair Gel Inside Fenced In Area Holding Floating Mother by Foot
Floating Pretty Woman Smiling Inside Tangle of Ropes Her Torso Not Visible
Brain Shaped Drawing of an Explosion With My Real Signature Below it

View Pastel Set 56

Nemesis Left of Frame in Profile Cloaked with Oversized Triangles Only for Best Reach
Woman Leaning Peacefully with Nose and Mouth Covered by One Large Bandage
Four Female Brains One Painted Larger By Me During My Visit to an all Girl Art Class
Many Car Batteries Next to a Fence Some With Light Bulb Loads and Some Not
My Ear's Stereo Equipment Store (asking a dream to show a best career for my brother)
Deep Thinking Woman Hurt by Thinking Looking Down at Funnels (asking dream to show cause of my headache)

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