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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2006
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 55

A Worried Woman Seated Upside Down on a Bench at the Mall
Man Watching Woman About to Descend a Thirty Foot Slide Inside a Large Plane
Two Ghosts with Children Ghosts Playing One up Manship on a Hillside With Memories
A Sheep Straddled on Fence Running Along Near Wall
Famous Man Dropping Famous Woman on Beach by Accident
Man Seated on Large Front Steps Thinking with Pope in Rocking Chair Behind Him

View Pastel Set 54

The Dollar Has Force (graffiti on side of bullet train)
Man Steering Spartan House Boat Decorated only by a Book on the Floor
Circuit Breakers Laid out like my Posters and Labeled Everything Original Land
Six Cooperative Men Lifting the Final Section of a Steeple into Place Viewed from Below
Lonely Woman Hugging Large Door that Has Just Broken Free of Plane
Two Women Large and Small Staring at a Man's New Scanner

View Pastel Set 53

Simplistic Student Painting of Just Numbers That Makes me Wish for Fame
Red Storm Red Water with Small Boat Tied to Dock its Search Light Searching
Playing for Keeps and Forever (Woman Crouching With Camera)
High Speed Remarks (Wild Horses in a Fast Gallop)
Dance and it Shall Instantly Pass (Buoyancy Solemnness Mix Face Looking Down)
Twelve Red Hot Peppers in a Lineup First Five with Legs Last One with Hat

View Pastel Set 52

No, Two and Three, Can I Send a Letter to a Tree
An Abandoned Spiral StairCase Touching an Abandoned Bell Tower Celebrated by Autumn Leaves
Minimal Grid of Bicycle Gears Chains and Peddles Forming Mental Health
Art Showing the Art of Showing Inuit Art
Two Women Large and Small Watching Man Locked Inside a Santa Suit
Mouse Living Behind Baseboard Ascending a Private Tiny Escalator

View Pastel Set 51

Kittens Playing Safely in the Doorway of Their Little House
Hamsters Playing Safely in the Doorway of Their Little House
Weasels Playing Safely in the Doorway of Their Little House
Like a Coward Back Half of Jumbo Jet Raised by Nose Resting on Ground Unseen
Grid of Nine Simple Things I Do and No Desire for More
Single Playing Card in a Void Illustrating My Favorite Things

View Pastel Set 50

Man and Woman Kissing at Top of Trees in Woods at Dating Resort with Ghosts Below
A Small One Room House with Secret Hatch to Room Under Public Sidewalk
A Man Walking Toward the Grain Silo Entrance of a Large Mostly Glass Barn
A Red Rose and a Genie Lamp Dropped from a Bridge Into a River
Smitten Farm Horse Following Farm Cow in Mid Air Along S Shaped Flight Path
Gray Silhouettes of Man and Woman Free Falling in Fetal Positions Seven Feet Apart

View Pastel Set 49

Man on Bus Looking out Window about to Become a Boyfriend
Fourteen Seamstresses Making a Perfect Girlfriend's Dress
A Man in a Revolutionary Position and a Few of His Friends
A Teddy Bear Being Bull Dosed Among Garbage on a Perfect Beach
Many Bowler Hats over Many Chicken Burgers
Thin Woman with Heavy Back Pack in Woods at Dating Resort with Ghosts Behind Her

View Pastel Set 48

Cartoon Mother and Eight Children in Order of Closeness to the Left of Her
Man Holding a Small Pig up to Large Beached Pig Wanting its Large Apple
Four Stacked Dogs Behind Sheep Goat Accountant Seton Motivating Their Mountainous Journey
Helping Hand Helping an Old One Foot Tall Tumbly Toddler Stay Standing
My Dad Walking Somewhere Downtown Before I Was Born With No One in Sight
A Woman's Lack of Cleavage Tilting Just the Right Way

View Pastel Set 47

Man Sleeping on Deck of Ship Strapped to Hatch Door that Rotates Him Away
A Giant Happy Worm Diving Endlessly Into the Front Yard of a House
White Rabbit Dancing on Top of Pile of White Rabbits in a Farm Pond
Six or Seven Men Kissing a Willing Woman or Possibly a Drawing of One
Two Single Beds Covered in Autumn Leaves Apple Pie on One Clothing on the Other
Cake and Apple Pie on Bed Near Two Monsters One Lying Low a Smile on the Other

View Pastel Set 46

Reclining Black and White Cow Relaxing in Clear Clean Water Reflecting
Race Car Gas and Break Pedels with Wooden Frames Around Them to Stop Their Use
Two and Three Story Houses Built In a Slanted Fashion (Where Perfect Angles Live)
Cartoon Character Never Say Good Morning Rabbit and his Nemesis in an Endless Flying Trapeze Act
Why Red Chickens Outrun White Chickens (You Know Nudge Nudge)
Man Wearing Vest of His Glass and Metal Art Frame Shaped Around Him

View Pastel Set 45

Siamese Man With One Brain and Two Bodies Sleeping on Two Beds
Top Half of a Woman as a Lemon No Arms
The Contest Winning Sewing Pin Cushion Costume of a Grey and White Zebra
The Wardens Boot Next to your Invention of a 40 Magnets Flipping Board Game
My Pretty Neighbor Trying to Break the World's Gate Post Standing Record
Thin Woman Same Colors as Oil Drum at Door and Man Sleeping Inside on Tea Cart

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