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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2004
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11 Sets of Six, Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 44

A Man Being Arrested for Concealing a Doll Strapped to his Back
Youth Rebuilding Engine of Hot Rod Show Car in Family Living Room
Old Man with Walker Seated in Street Talking to Woman as Children Play
Face of Man Left Side Turning Away in Blurs with Clock Above Closed Left Eye
Fifty Women Helping a Woman Give Birth in a Living Room
A Microphone to the Right of Two Pommel Horses on Stage at the Albatross

View Pastel Set 42

Nine Empty Chocolate Wrappers Forming an Arch and Probably Graphing a Time Line
Painting Found In Refrigerator of Woman in Commons Area Two Floors Down Head Not Visible
Boiling the Kettle Again While it is Raining Frogs
Giant Traced Copy of Gift Wrap Ribbon Looking Like Frog Legs Walking Away
Female Arctic Ostriches by a Woman Who Paints Like Me
A Man and Woman with Zero Expressions and no Place to Go

View Pastel Set 42

A Man Near Two Eight Foot Deep Trenches That Cross Like Desert Highways
A Puppet Face on TV with a Few Signs of it Winning Above it
A Man on a Complex Proudly Built Rinky Dink Raft Always Afraid of Pirates
People Dinning in a Large Commons Area all of Them in Pairs and One Mouse
A Cat and a Dog on One Chair on a Bed with Heads Raised and Singing
An Elephant Being Shocked by Electricity From a Movie Theater with Bird Supplying Saliva

View Pastel Set 41

Man in Yellow Kilt Hat and Feather Sitting on Ground Touching Grass with Flute
A Rhinoceros with Horn Cut off Lying on Belly Admiring a Future Bed of Flowers
Levitated Woman Resting Below an Interesting Artistic Grey Area Above Her Head
End of Boat Dock Protrusion with Fixed Bear Over Protrusion with Fixed Fish
End of Boat Dock Protrusion with Fixed Car Over Protrusion with Fixed Bear
A Puppet Frog Reaching Below a Boat Dock to Present a Glass of Milk

View Pastel Set 40

A Man and a Woman Getting Married as She Daydreams About Herself in Possible Futures
Man Supported Flag Like From Top of Six Foot Tree He Just Planted Inside a Barn Yard
A Contest Winning Drawing by a Child Titled Hallway to a Nightclub for the Bored
Photo of a 14 Foot Tall Tourist Standing Beside Two 14 Foot Tall Foot Guards
Upside Down Domestic Animals Looking at You Cat Sheep Goat Cow
Man Sleeping on his Left Side on a Sofa His Right Side is a Face

View Pastel Set 39

A Giant Cigarette Butt at Very High Velocity Leaving a Factory and Entering a Truck
Three People Balancing in a Column on a Hill and Almost Falling Over But Strong
Swamp Amphibians Going About Their Own Business on a Street in Front of Wild Bar
An Elephant's Trunk and Legs Leaving the Bottom of a Painting but Reappearing at the Top
Bowling Myself Over in a Gigantic Drawing Room Where One Wall is a White Blank
A Woman With a Simple Cartoon Face Sitting Alone in a Cafeteria and Feeling Lonely

View Pastel Set 38

A Frog With Head Leaning and Castles in Its Eyes
Finding Hitler's Fast Food Restaurant Uniform in a Closet
Many Whale Bones in a Clearing a Man Wishing it Was a Hotel
Many Swamp Amphibians On Route Together Across Dry Land
A Row of Country Cottages But With Front Walls Only
A Row of Country Cottages But They are Two Hundred Feet Long

View Pastel Set 37

Female Students at an All Girls School Stepping Over Unconscious Boys in the Hallways
A Man and a Woman Standing on Opposite Sides of a Large Wooden Fence Post
Man In Desert Holding Rope Tied to Floating All Terrain Vehicle as if it Were a Balloon
A Man Lying in His Single Bed with a Bench Beside it His Dragon Quilt Covering Both
Healthy Vegetables Filling Your View of a Painting
Visiting Friends and Relatives Talking at a Dinning Room Table Viewed From Ten Feet Away

View Pastel Set 36

A Rabbit Keeping on Top of Swamp Water in the Vicinity of Arcade Games and a Roller Coster
Giant Green Leaves Forming a Stepping Path Though the Grandness of the Titanic
Short Chubby Trees that Look Like Pineapples
A Lizard Paused One Inch Above a Same Sized Salamander Both In Mid Jump
Seeing a Rabbit Jumping Down Through a Moon Beam Alone
Two Rabbits Dancing Well and Happy in the Left Side of a Painting Only

View Pastel Set 35

Self Portrait of Baby With a Paint Brush Hung Upside Down For His Mother
Crazy Eyeglasses Turned Sideways One Lens a Crazy Eye the Other Lens a Mouth
Two Dinosaur Heads Among Abandoned Garbage Strewn Along a Snowy Road
Many Statues Bowls and Awards on Top of Roman Type Pillars
A Horse and a Raccoon in a Park Staring at You the Horse Peeking From Behind a House
Horse Leaving Blocked Driveway Jumping Over Parked Car and Car Behind Him Following

View Pastel Set 34

A Man Lying Down and Resting Inside a Long Snake (The Great New Internet)
A Man Sitting on the Front Edge of his Large Bed Thinking
The Twelve Months of a Man in a Circle on a Beach His Shadows Pointing Inward for Safety
A Woman I Knew in High School Who is Friends With Rock Stars Now
A Happy Woman Making a Basketball Shot and Hovering With Painful Folded Feet
Kissing a Woman While Skiing Until We Form a Cube

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