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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2046
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 272

Hydro Crew telling island Business Owner Electricity will be restored in Four Day but comes Back On as Owner just says You Think
Finding lost item Top Cupboard left of Dish Sink after Seeing Vision of Flies Top left Corner of Window above Basement Basin

View Pastel Set 271

A Clothespin on a Clothesline Chapter One
3 AM view of mud-filled hair Man walking chest Deep in Dark River as he Listens to Podcasts each Night in Second Life
Like father like son the Back of my mind (it does not follow) Why don't you come in here The Moon is Parked Outside
Man leaving House after prolonged Rest and seeing all Drivers now have two Bigger Wheels on their right Sides
Mash 4077 listening to famous Folk singer finish his last Song then telling Dr. Pierce his Bandaged hand is now Numb
Nameless old Man in Mirror with Paper Tube testing if he could ever Deflect Delegation Instructions when near Super Workers

View Pastel Set 270

Looking down at the Pretty House Guest who only likes to Pace in the Springtime Courtyard
A Woman I like following a Tourist group on Tour though the future Log Home of some random unsuccessful Artist
Man and Woman walking Slowly with One inch Thorns in their Heels as they Have to keep Backing up on Splintered Floor
Test one Lasers seeing if Any Oceans are Flat and also Incidentally if her Beau Knows That
A Cast Iron Frying Pan embedded into an Apartment Building Wall
Reincarnation of a Mentally ill Man's Mother who is now an AI River Bed gouging Machine texting him her Vacate Order

View Pastel Set 269

Man in tall Tophat mouse tapping on Door of House with two enormous Living Eyes in the two big Picture Windows
A good Samaritan helping her One-inch tall Mailman by Driving him to each House along his Route
Man on Frozen Lake using Telekinesis to send his Friend sliding to other Side of Lake away from Below-Ice Desk
Two Flatbed Scanners talking over Internet in ways two shy Brain Cells could only Believe (the most peaceful market)
Stick Figure unhappy tear Poster hung on Wall over a closed Trap Door in Perpetuity
Father helping Son put-on top of their Family car a Forty Foot long discarded old Mattress his Son found in an Alley

View Pastel Set 268

Man grasping a Cooked Cabbage tightly while flying very fast Out of Marina water up to an unknown Height
One dog at Wheel one at Pedals one at Step Ladder-Drunk pulled over by dog Asking do You have Eggs in the Trunk
Three Children clinging to outside Parts of a Car trying to remove a lot of Snow by using Excessive Speed
View of Two men Talking from First man's Point of View looking Up from his Own Toes seeing Plug in his Face
Confused Man riding Toilet wrong way on One Way Street Almost hit by Lighting (the world's very first confused man)
Woman born with thirty-foot Lobster Hands working from Bed carving Demolished Buildings into Concrete Dinosaur Heads

View Pastel Set 267

An otherwise Nice Cat unfortunately having to live with Dust Mite Legs (who's unloveable today)
Two trails Meeting in an odd Nature Walk where Wolves sit beside the Paths in Luxury Viewing Boxes and Talk
Ten thousand foot Tall Man helping Twelve thousand foot Tall Man get up from Mountain Range he fell into and got Stuck
Bankrupt nice Company now Selling many ill-advised Cosmetic and Mechanical modification Procedures in their Parking Lot
Outstretched Hand in Smoky Air
A bedroom Bed on Bulldozer Tracks with both Tracks with equal Goals and Stays (play core play safe)

View Pastel Set 266

That 1000-foot long Stone Moat Bridge leading to every Household for Princesses Knights Dragons and Olds
The Sadness of Projectors that only show the First two Sentences of a Movie closing Light Hole Flaps Last Time
Only just one lobster Captain. But it's holding a 58 Terabyte. Should we throw it's thumb drive back? Or Arts'-Appetite?
Fifteen cats unwrapping their Gifts before Their owner has to get back to the Hospital
Man dropping uncapped Shoe Polish from back of hand into a City River as Woman following watches from Alley
Bachelor Steering his Home Staircase by adjusting two folded Blankets a few Degrees Beside before his visitor Arrives

View Pastel Set 265

Seeing Hand sink into Flesh and Bone of often Artist who Holds his Forehead
Gloved hands of a Fisherman pulling in an Empty Trap Story Being told by a plastered Elk drinking way too much at a Bar
A set Crane lowering Insects and Bacteria into a Reality Show called You are both Supper
Nice Woman with Eyes open Owning Top Bunk with deployment Cord if ever Needed praying to meet a Man
Two wilting I Call Myself Not field flowers Caught in the Shadow of a Plain too Long
An old-timy private Detective Sitting near me on old-timry Train with a 42 vacuum tube spy camera beside him in huge Carry-On

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