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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2044
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 264

Senior Woman living in Vertical roadside Book with only room for Herself interviewing potential Mating Partners
Mosquito watching Soup boiling Over. Tree falling on the House. Two Blunt Towels Talking sober. Cue Constellation of Self.
Captain bursting in because his Storm Uprised Headache hiding in Dark colors Giant Toilet Disguised
Ghost of Man 500 miles Tall walking across Canada
Man and Woman rotating Visible part of fifty Ton circular Stone. Woman saying See This makes The stars come Out
As Donna as Donna as Donna I just wanted to be Closer to You (basement renovation)

View Pastel Set 263

The winning Couple on Let's Get Hitched Bad Teeth Edition
Two Mothers using Hole between two Hotel Rooms to soothe crying Baby saying we only made him talk Endlessly about Smoking Rules
Man Riding with Poetry Flag Poll attached to Skateboard Going Home with his Groceries
Raccoon who forgot Flowers dressed in Tuxedo naively trying to Find some way to Ring a Doorbell
Ten Motor Bike Members rarely needing to Emerge from a Forest Edge
Man who looks at Frightening World through Viewing Gap of his Bedroom Trashcan rarely Remembering to Brush his Teeth

View Pastel Set 262

Soldering iron Unfixable circuit and Kettle always Worryingly outputting Ever instead of Everything
A serious but amateur Tap Dancer who eats Baked Beans precisely Timed to end his Act with Comedic Flourish
Floor level Parts of a Doorless Doorframe offset by One Stride due to Imagination of the Man Inside
Three Dozen Survivourists having a secret Meeting all Standing on a Narrow high end of a Mountain Ridge
A Pink Blimp made of Party Baloons flying below Every Sky Knowing Cleverly how to Show both a World and Hide
Watching through Apple Tree for 10 Gigabit Ethernet Card to Arrive after Lightning Crippled built in Port 10 Years Ago

View Pastel Set 261

Rarely activated Joy Stick Mounted under Car (Why I never leave my Home or bother the Women)
Man passing his Head through Steel Door investigating Source of Sparks Outside Train Boxcar while his two cohorts Sleep
Farmer stomping upon Poorly working lazy boy Chair Daily and Forever until it's bent Mechanisms work as Expected
A small yellow Pod Car parked on the middle of a Calm Lake viewed from a Fifty-foot long Road
Two old men watching Train departure with Huge screwdriver tied to Caboose and realizing their Brother was Right
Artist-Poet climbing Mountain that is covered Completly with upside-down Artist-Boots and Poet-Boots

View Pastel Set 260

Giant Folder named Don't Bring Me Down being offered by Giant skeletal Hand to Fishing Ship Crews below it Hates
A completely lost Airline Pilot asking his senior Stewardess to Help him Find their way back Home
Vision of twelve Surgeons and Nurses in masks and Gowns Waiting to be called into Action
The Leaves of a Tree Branch in a Dense Forest forming Ten Percent of the Shape of a Woman
The Worlds most insignificant Greenhouse uprooting Itself and walking away like a Centipede after making a Mistake
Soil wondering if there's any way to see what's Going On

View Pastel Set 259

Four Children hiding in one cardboard box about to knock on door of remote log cabin home of elderly woman cleaning
Woman showing Shocked expression near Monkey in Foreground looking to one Side
Many Artists working Diligently above one lazy Artist working Beneath Them
The listless man who Glides about the Floors of his Home In a Prone position with no Energy to try and Wakeup
The Enough money to buy a house Vending Machine where Cash flies out and points to a glass of Milk being offered Below
Man seated Twenty feet above Lake resting on Fractured attached Rock and waiting an Unknown type of Time

View Pastel Set 258

People Climbing dimensionless Stone Wall viewed from Fifth Floor Window reflecting Handheld Paint Mixing Palette
A Marathon Runner Sleeping Warmly Two Strides before Wealth (Faster reactor are you counting on-yourself)
A Two Hundred foot tall Elderly Rocket Straightener On Mars Who sadly Falls Over Often due to Her Old Age
Golf Club before Twenty foot wide School Blackboard Crack showing Thoughts Damaged in a hardened Mind
Two brothers Cabin Fishing with One above Water and One Under Water Looking like the Reflection and Real World Teamed
A danceless Man motionlessly hugging his Crush on the lively Dance Floor for Three Minutes

View Pastel Set 257

Young man Fast Riding a racing Bicycle with two short Jousting sticks on the Handle Bars (being asked why I don't use cannabis)
Discourteous Abrasive Insulting Lady and Blunt Totally Direct No Hanging About Gentleman both sadly looking Towards Loving their Neighbors
Man in Mental Hospital telling Group his Plan is to be a Person making Nurse laugh under her breath as she Studies his Chart
A large stuffed Toy Octopus across the Front edge of a King-size Bed
A musical Jewelry Box left on a empty Highway of seemingly Endless Potholes
Shipyard worker Carefully aligning a Fifty foot Steel Hinge before Welding also seeing Vision of his Wife Baking

View Pastel Set 256

Large high-speed white Boulder falling off a Woman's white Dress nearly knocking Man's head Off
Two opposite shifting Terrains on two existential Plains like two Orbital Shells
Dog alone on automated World Cruise Ship in training for it's Solo Trip to Mars to Live ahead of Human Colonization
A man's Face parts continuously made of lots of small UFOs Flying in from the Right (one milk no surgar please)
A man's Thumb and Fingers stretching out to Feel what's a Thousand Kilometres down the Road
My fear of so many Close calls with Butterflies Always intending to collide With my Eyes

View Pastel Set 255

Peaceful Person living inside three Memory Foam large Balls
Man in Rain measuring Space between two Summer Insects after visiting his favourite Luxury Log & Timber Prefab Home in VR
The Man who designs Fireworks in his Garage each one capable of Displaying his Paintings and Quatrains
A sad Woman who needs to live under her Car
Smart Girl on Cruise Ship throwing her Painful Tooth overboard and Smiling when no one was Watching (domestic harmony rain)
People stepping Backwards To let Roll of Newspaper Climb Woman Locking Apartment Door for Unusual length of Time

View Pastel Set 254

Very tall Women looking into Third floor Apartment Windows searching for lonely employable Men in Winter
A Desolate space between Walls a woman Lives in when not at the Mall who Thought no-one would ever Notice at All
Female construction Worker splitting Cinder blocks in Half by Sitting on them for Awhile
Female Orange Fur Big Foot walking up to Beer drinking Deck Window at Twilight To look at You as a long Silent Goodbye
A compact car following too fast to keep its Roof hook rod Always within six inches of a Motor Home
Dogs laying Low on long Redwood Bench with Noses near their owner's Shoes at a Training School learning Loyalty

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