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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2042
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 253

A hungry Roadside Ditch relying Entirely on Texting at a University Level
A new Father in the Rain with his Forehead on his Hands leaning into Open window crying so Sadly is this really fair Elderly Care
Mousy Man sitting at Computer Workstation Within Giant Wooden Mouse Trap
Two elderly apartment tenants in Halloween Costumes embracing in Hallway after asking each other for Kiss
One drone flying over a Grave one Earth rotating under its Phase
A Crow drinking from a Small Lake while waiting for a City Bus on the last day of Autumn

View Pastel Set 252

A Stronger Stretchier Fancier Tornado shaped like a Better Sweater with the words You're Going to Need a Flu Season
A very old Tape Worm with Darkening paper thin Skin on the abandoned Warehouse Floor
A frying pan of water Boiling Over with stovetop Water evaporating Fast
And all the Caves made Tonight. Have Deployed their Mounds by ufo With Three Levels. Lowering itself into Ground
A beautiful woman Thinking about leaning forward to Kiss
An old but beautiful Diesel Engine whose only Job is to run itself

View Pastel Set 251

Two Galaxies colliding without a Single Collision on a Sunny Afternoon
A man Remebering how he Used to Smile in a Vision as Painful as Land
A 21st Century Artist living in a Milk Factory only risking coming out of Hideing at Night
Hand showing Garlic Clove as Evidence Of-next-Morning in Achievement decorated Hockey club Party Hall
Incompetent Suitor with Very secret Superhero Skill of catching Footballs pointy end into one Palm
Confused old Canadian Soccer Player sliding on his Back onto the Sahara Dessert remembering a Second Ago he had the Ball

View Pastel Set 250

Acrobatic forward Flip by Horse to escape Fear of Four-inch-tall Regular Trainer's arrival near Hind Hoof
A bird living inside a Pipe undiscovered inside a Ship Heard sometimes Tapping Metal and Sometimes Singing Lists
Red Desert area of Barren Land with thousands of Industrial size Fuel storage Tanks and one Watchman
Large upside down Head above Orchard thinking All trees Below reaching up to Connect
Astronaut on Planet that has just One Tree with Hockey players Guarding-path to "work" place Coffee
Toxic Gadget Battery to Face-Pimple surprisingly slipping under Skin wondering how to Remove it Discovering gentle Pinching Wins

View Pastel Set 249

News of Disturbing Face with Mouth screaming in Newspaper with angry Smartphone text Messages on reader's Lap
A grown man running away From the safety of his Prefabulous at night wearing a glowing white suit Making him feel Obvious
Falling Raindrops with a Tin Cup in each One
City Bus Map showing Convoluted horribly Treacherous new Walking Route
A man living on a barren Island memorizing Soft Pastel Poem Beach
Man and Woman Artists last ones on Train five Days from Dream-Art Conference soon searching under Seats for her Heart

View Pastel Set 248

Using a massive Calculator that displays all concepts Backwards on my side like What's a Fridge
The 3D Tornado inside a Trance Club tearing a Giant Loaf of Bread into Crumbs going everywhere for the track Finances
Regular Man and Woman almost passing each other on burned Hiking Trail suddenly seeing a Tidal-wave Together
Apartment Desk Sitter with Flute on Balcony playing only five Notes once per Week heard by an Apartment Desk Sitter wishing she could also Deep
On empty Stage with no Audience as Curtain closes then reopens to Twenty foot Human Head of Self too close and Starring
Discovering my Microwave Oven has Three selectable external Camera viewpoints and Three External Power levels Somehow

View Pastel Set 247

A Waitress wearing a Hanging Fish Appren Uniform taking a Long time to Serve Winnie the Pooh
A giant diamond Record Player Needle bouncing off the Two Sides of the Grand Canyon singing randomness to the Bane
A Roman Chariot rider talking to the Road
A very well rested Frog on Rock Who has never needed to Look Upward Studying Mysteries of the Brook he is Reading Kind of like feeding Supper
Wow Looking upward turns out to be rather Amazing Everytime
Three kid Brothers sharing Cost of an iMac Pro using Apple credit cards Before they turn back into Water Televised

View Pastel Set 246

The man who builds elaborate Lecture Stages and Seating to Stand Alone in front of That will never be Used
Just the Beautiful leg of a Stage Actress receiving Applause as she makes her Entrance by Slowly Sliding down the Curtain
Angry Fanged Teeth missing the Teeth between the Fangs (unattraction unaware of its center of attention plight)
Two Brothers Ship Crewmen often ordered to Sober up by Sitting on a Sofa lowered halfway down the Port Side
A Woman permanently under Care in a Psychiatric Ward because she Sees her Employer's Vision
Man sitting Back Left of empty City Bus seeing Mother three seats Forward Right trying to get the Laundry Machine to Work

View Pastel Set 245

The Courtship of Two close Tornadoes all through the Night who would both like Music
View looking through slowly opening and closing Time Portal reminding me My Belt is too Tight again causing that ill At Ease
Viewing Stocks Chart while seeing BRACE YOURSELF in Bold and Checking Lotto while Hearing Mission Impossible Theme
Man in Egg shaped Chair. Lowering by Thread, to the Average. And recording the Audio and Imagery. Of his Cavern Age.
Side view of Pretty Neighbor in favourite Dress standing in calm Lake Water up to just below her Shoulders waiting for Bus
Man decending Normal looking Concrete Stairs cruly Designed to hurt People with each Step four millimeters Smaller than the Step Above

View Pastel Set 244

New Sad Mash Spinoff about End of Life by Locust Starring Colonel Blake in THE NEW MARVELLOUS
My Very Expensive Video Conferencing Smart Dinner Plates getting Dropped too Often
Three Women Baseball Players forming the Key to Home Base
The Old Wild West Alpha Male who always feels he must hunt for large Male Mosquitos and Disable their Flight with a Pinch
The only Man who ever Sees a giant Bear Stalking him opening Curtain and seeing its Five foot Face against the Glass
Artificial Teardrop on Painting outlined in Black it's Splash Wave reaching outdoor High Chair's lowest Rung (how does income from paintings work)

View Pastel Set 243

Waking up and Finding a Jar of Peanut Butter boiling like a Kettle and thinking wow I better stay away from That
An old Actor pointing out his Limp Leg explaining to Guest how Important it is not to Bump into Him (just to say hello)
Man looking Down into a Pond hiding a Robot looking Up simultaneously saying We are made of Wishes
Vomit Bucket --The Painting that shows the Psyche transferring Choices into opposing mirror world's Nice Bucket. Time Fabric between them Worn
Brother saying my Camera's Shutter and Mirror Reflexes are Jammed indeed showing them Slowly taking Five Seconds to Complete
Older Brother destructively Grabing Newspaper from his younger Brother's hands Daily

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