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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2002
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11 Sets of Six, Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 33

One Eye Popping One Eye Bored
A Mother Giving Advice To Her Son
An Electric Guitar at the Base of a Giant Flower With a Ladder Leading up the Stem
Staircase to Elevator In Tornado (Why Do We Have To Keep Entering Cherry Blossoms)
A Wooden Robot Called the Russian Built Food Linker Lying Down With Legs Too Long To Stand
Sleeping Alone

View Pastel Set 32

Two Men in a Boxing Ring One of Them on a Horse
Unwelcome Tentacles Seeping From the Hallway Walls of a Person's Work Place
A Man Lying Down Next to a Wilderness Shack That is Too Small to Enter
Man Floating Face Down in Deep Water Head Touching Shoreline a Fish and Turtle Below Him
Needing Water a Rowboat and a Dory Tied High Up In the Air To a Water Barren Dock
A Man Sitting In a Big Chair and There Is a Copy of Himself Under It

View Pastel Set 31

A Man Morphicly Part of Large Lightbulb on Chair Unable to Venture Far by Stretch
A Teddy Bear Dining Alone Beside an Elegant Dining Table at a Toy Table Instead
View of a Man's Back With a Large Music Box Note Wheel Inside
Blank Hole In a Painting by Removing A Superman With Boxing Gloves
A School Bus In Heavy Air Traffic With Thirty Foot Extended Bumpers for Extra Safety
A Ten Foot Tall Snail Arriving by Rowboat Wondering How to Board a Ship

View Pastel Set 30

An Immaculate Dinning Room With Four Coffee Cups Set on the Table as Art
A Robotic Metal Whale in a Marine Park Aquarium Contemplating it's Respect for Frogs
Parade of Domestic Animals Lucky Goat and Sheep Floating Upside Down Into Home
Pro Wrestlers Holding Large Writing Pens in Headlocks
Eyes Only in Void With Shadow I Added Myself
An Old Car Doing a Wheelie In Front of a Bicycle Shop

View Pastel Set 29

A Teddy Bear Cooking Fish
Ben Pen and the Impossibility of Entering (Two Feathers Near an Ink Bottle)
Giant Leaf Standing in River Where Water Flow Has Large Missing Section
Two Men Watching a Man Walk a Plank Overboard
Two Boats Floundering One Close One Far
What it Might be Like if Man Understood Cartoons

View Pastel Set 28

Many Sarcophaguses Placed Head to Toe That Have Extra Large Compartments for Hands
Dogs Dispersing From Under Single File Running Horses and Reindeers When One Horse Looks Under
A Middle Aged Princess in an Atrium Holding Something Dear
Endless Line of Fish and Birds as Friends the Birds Needing Submarine Hills to Breath
Inspiring a Generation of Gymnasts Stacked as High as Three
A Walrus Out of Water Almost Over a Seven Foot Embankment

View Pastel Set 27

Scared Baby Chicken Moving to Back of Rowboat Front Sinking in Three Blurs
Sofa With a Chess Board Blanket
Lawn Chair on the Head of a Bed
An Apartment Building Seen From Outside
A Metal Eagle Sculpture with Coarse Meshed Wings Poised to Take Flight
Three Symbols off Center a Flat Line Over Lips Over an Eye

View Pastel Set 26

In Portrait Pose Wild Kittens in Woods Near River Hung Sideways
In Portrait Pose Unicorn in Woods Near River Hung Upside Down
A Bird With a Nest Built Inside an Old Army Helmet
Two Tiny Animals Resting Back to Back Working As One Creature
Two Fish Tied Together by String Stronger Leading Fish Upside Down
Portrait of a Strait Faced Pig

View Pastel Set 25

Large People Standing Around With Small People Strapped to Their Chests
A Bicycle Wheel Noise Maker not Working and Causing Stress
An Internet Mouse With Nine Mice On His Desk
Three Women Relaxing Among Two Sofas and a Baby
Wonderful Flying Feet Unfortunately Body Hangs
Elephant Stacking Reaching The Usual Limit

View Pastel Set 24

Space Shuttles and Lear Jets Taking Off in Pairs Some Single
The Skeleton Below Doubled (Men Unaware of Skeletons Below While Sleeping Under Trees)
A Woman Bending Over in Her Apartment and Owning a Lama
A Dog Balancing a Cannon Ball on His Nose After it Has Struck a Human
Two Women Talking One Pregnant Their Tummies Touching
A Nude Woman Lying Next to a Street Thinking

View Pastel Set 23

Village at Night with Fishing Baskets Rolling Around Like Tumble Weeds
Building Your Own Platforms Every Seven Feet on a Very Tall Diving Ladder
Small People Sleeping On Top of Floating Large People Washed Ashore
Hung Upside Down Kitten Painted Spread Out on the Roof of Car
Three Small Angels Trying to Carry a Large Pair of Reading Glasses
Man in Kayak Floating Above Water Leaving Good in His Wake

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